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I found the favorite functionality to be lacking a bit, this could be due to my newbness or due to the fact that it might in fact be inferior to what it could be. I would like see if anyone knows if there is a plugin out there that extends the current favorite functionality or at least replaces it and makes it better.

If there isn't some kind of advanced favorites plug, does anyone know why? Could I be the only one that want to organize my favorites view a little?

Thanks in advance, might be my first XBMC plug thats on its waySmile

Best regards
My personal experience is that I have no need for it.
I use Aeon Nox and just add stuff to the menu, so the "favourites" are essentially all just there in the main menu. The only thing I actually use it for is to add certain links in the menu which are not provided as a thing to add in Aeon Nox. For example a link to a specific music source (not just to files, but a certain source in files). I add that to favourites and then use the Nox feature to add a favourite to the menu.
That's the lazy mans way though, you could also just type in the xbmc.runplugin commands yourself.
Thanks brother, I've started some play-deving on my own, we will see if I come up with anything before I find a useful solution. I use Aeon Mq5 and I think it has as many customization options as any skin if not more, what I'm looking for is still lacking though.

The idea came from that I'll add a my own Live TV (online tv) main category. Under that, I'll have useful entries in the sub menus that has to do with that, eg "Favorite channels", "favorite chows", "building show", anime etc. This way I could also mix all my live tv addons to get all the channels I want from multiple addons with one click.

With today favorite-functionality and Aeon Mq5 I have no clue how to do this. All of this comes from actually making the play/online channels useful in my house hold through XBMC. Things that are not easy to comprehend doesn't get used as there is no interest.

If this is doable in any skin, feel free to enlighten me as that would save me a lot of trouble.

Best regards
Might not be exactly what you want, but this is what I do. I make a video tag called 'Favourites'. I make a smart playlist that loads all Favourite tagged movie. Then any movie that I want added to Favourites, I add the tag to. To make adding tags easier(because by default it's kinda obscure), I use
You can use Simple Playlists to categorize favorites.

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