[Project] Dual Audio Output support (Krypton/Jarvis/Isengard/Helix/Gotham/Frodo)

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(2017-07-26 21:53)Farseer Wrote:  
(2017-06-08 22:55)Ryangodammit Wrote:  Hey shark I did it the other day, it's real easy.

Get the entire dual audio libreelec build that you want from the beginning of this thread then put it into your updates folder via samba share or ssh (or whatever you need), then restart your system and it will install it.
I've turned off auto updates because I imagine that would remove everything

Hey there,

What system are you running LE on? I'm having trouble getting this to work on a RPi3.


I'm running on a Asus chrome box. Works very easy.
Although I just updated to the newest libreelec build because I was getting a few bugs and glitches couldn't tell it it was my settings or the build. Lost dual audio of course.
I'll go back to it soon enough
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