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I don't agree with Ned here as this is where it came from:


JammyB started going on a rant with f*ck this and f*ck that -to which some people attended him does not belong on this forum - he then escalated.
Appareantly TugBoatBill was offended by that and put him on ignore, noticed that didn;t work and posted here, which caused JammyB to escalate even more.

To say 'no one was having an argument' is a bit off the mark as several people were getting worked up by JammyB's use of language. Several people reported posts in that thread as well.
I do see the positive contributions from JammyB in the past, but there is no reason for him to behave like this - it is just not the friendly atmosphere I'd like to see here.

edit: On the other hand TugBoatBill started using direct insults to JammyB so let them both cool down for a bit. What good are rules if we don;t enforce them.
I am glad tugboatbill pointed out the ignore function, which I didn't know existed. Now I can apply it to both of them LOL.
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