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Gotham Release Candidate Build
I am surprised (and a little concerned) that there is no mention of the release candidate I downloaded and installed on my ATV2 yesterday.

is it hidden from others? The only reason I found it was that I was trying to install Beta 4 and went directly to the mirror site and saw it sitting there. Am I spoiling some secret? Am I just not looking in the right forums? Was it a joke build that I wasn't supposed to install?

Everything is working great, I guess I am just surprised there is not an official announcement yet....

the link I am referring to is:
Fritz Boyle

We've got an announcement written. The problem is our server is currently acting up, so we want to make sure we have that locked down before we stress it all to hell with a 100,000 more visitors. You should be fine continuing to use the RC.
sudo apt-get install xbmc :3
Does the same apply to the window version?
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Great, thanks for the explanation, Nate. I assume the issues are why I have seen the site down multiple times this last week. Hope that gets fixed soon. Sorry if I let the cat out of the bag.
No need to apologise - consider it early access privilege. Smile
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