'Sort by: Date' not working
I just updated to XBMC 13. Everything works fine, except the 'Sort by: Date' button for recordings. This worked OK in XBMC 12, but not in 13. I once used the 'Sort by: Name', and now I can do what I want, but recordings are always sorted by name first, and then by date. We have hundreds of recordings, and now it is virtually impossible to find the latest ones. I tried on several computers, all had this (tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and Xubuntu 12.04). Do you also have this issue, and is there a solution? By the way I use tvheadend, but I am not sure if that is relevant.
This is indeed broken, it has been reported before. The only way to fix it is to remove or manually edit the ViewModes database, then never sort by name again.
Thanks! Do you know if there is a bug report for this issue?
I' ve exactly the same issue using VDR as TV backend.

Presumably #15045 is related to this.

Only the bug report title "PVR UI inconsistencies" could be misleading since it doesn't emphasize that sorting by date IS NOT WORKING.
So I'm not sure to open a new bug report or to add something to that bug report to trigger some action or give info to the bug report owners.
(One of them is xhaggi who is very actively (re)working the usability of TV section at the moment - Great!! Many thanks !!!)
Thanks. I just added a message to the bug report, hopefully a developer sees that.
At the moment I Have a workaround (on linux - should be similiar on windows) by setting the View-Database back to "sort by Date" every time before starting xbmc.
You have to install sqlite3 before.
My View Database where Info about sorting-order in Recordings View is in
in table "view" in column "sortMethod"

output of database content can be shown by:

sqlite3 ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/ViewModes6.db "select * from view";

output shows then for me:

Teh second "1" is the sort order and means SortbyName.
This has to be set to "2" by (and setting also sortOrder to descending)

#write sortmethod "2" sortbyDate
sqlite3 ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/ViewModes6.db "update view set sortMethod = 2 where window = '10697'";
sqlite3 ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/ViewModes6.db "update view set sortOrder = 1 where window = '10697'";

I put these two lines in a wrapper-script to set back the database and then launch xbmc also from the script.

So I always have SortbyDate at begin at least.
These 2 commands can also be executed while running xbmc (when You are not in the recordings-windows) to set back to SortbyDate
I've got the same issue running Gotham beta 2.

Sorting by date only seems to work in the "All Recordings" view. The "top level" recordings view, where shows are grouped by title/folder does not sort by date, only name.

Is there a workaround for this? Does deleting the "ViewMode" database method mentioned above work and if it does, how do I got about doing this?

Does anyone know when this is likely to be fixed?
I accidentaly changed the sorting and just did a
mv .xbmc/userdata/Database/ViewModes6.db .xbmc/userdata/Database/ViewModes6.db.orig
and rebooted. I guess this removes any changes and resets to "factory settings" but it solved the problem for me

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'Sort by: Date' not working0
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