Linux -  error: diskfilter writes are not supported
Hi all

Just done a fresh install of xbmcbuntu v13.0 on a new SSD drive and get the following message just before it boots:

error: diskfilter writes are not supported
Press any key to continue

System will boot normally after i press the key or wait 5 seconds. Can anyone adivse what I can do to get rid of this message?

On a sidenote, are there any options I can implement to make my system boot a little quicker? It's not booting from the SSD as fast as I ws hoping although ti could be related to the above issue...
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
i have added the below code from #34 on that page to my 00_header file and issues the command update-grub. Still getting the error on boot. Have also changing between quick_boot="1" and "0" in the 10_linux file to no avail.

if [ "$quick_boot" = 1 ]; then
cat <<EOF
function recordfail {
set recordfail=1
GRUBMDDEVICE="$(grub-probe --target=disk "${grubdir}")"
GRUBLVMDEVICE="$(grub-probe --target=disk "${grubdir}")"
if echo "$GRUBMDDEVICE" | grep "/dev/md" > /dev/null; then
cat <<EOF
# GRUB lacks write support for $GRUBMDDEVICE, so recordfail support is disabled.
elif echo "$GRUBLVMDEVICE" | grep "/dev/mapper" > /dev/null; then
cat <<EOF
# GRUB lacks write support for $GRUBLVMDEVICE, so recordfail support is disabled.
FS="$(grub-probe --target=fs "${grubdir}")"
case "$FS" in
btrfs | cpiofs | newc | odc | romfs | squash4 | tarfs | zfs)
cat <<EOF
# GRUB lacks write support for $FS, so recordfail support is disabled.
cat <<EOF
if [ -n "\${have_grubenv}" ]; then if [ -z "\${boot_once}" ]; then save_env recordfail; fi; fi
cat <<EOF
Have also confirmed my GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=false as per this topic:

Can anyone assist? Is this something to do with the way my SSD has been partitioned?
you should post this to the bug report instead of here. We're not the ubuntu forums.
Did anyone solve the problem?

it´s really annoying :|
I have this problem too. This is installing KodiBuntu on a clean single drive machine. NONE of the solutions proffered by ANY ubuntu, debian or fedora site have even tickled it. so - yes - here we are a year later and bumpkis.

I have hammered on this thing and gotten nowhere. If anyone has any ideas - please. jump on in.
Did you see that there seems to be a patch around if you follow fritschs' link?
LOL, yes I've tried that patch. I have tried multiple different "fixes":
1. patched 00_header, 'quick_boot="0" in 10_linux
2. # in front of the "if [ -n "\${have_grubenv}" ] ...".
3. Adding GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=false to /etc/default/grub
4. Changed recordfail function
5. Creating a /etc/grub.d/01_nowriting script (and making it executable)
6. Applied Ubuntu patch

I HAVE ran sudo upgrade-grub everytime and rebooted with every change. It almost appears as if the version of 14.04 that is bundled with Kodi, does not use GRUB
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