XBMC pvr client on RPI - sound but no video
Raspberry Pi: ARMv6 rev 7
Hardware: BCM2708 Revsion 004

Xbian. 1.0Beta2 (seems more stable than RASPBMC which crashed or froze daily)

XBMC 12.2 Compiled Oct 2 2013

XBMC MediaPortal PVR Client Addon: 1.6.10

Tried Settings > Playback . Tried ffmpeg and TSReader RTSP Streaming on and off

Windows 8.1 64bit running MediaPortal: 1.7.1 Hotfix

Freecom USB DVB-T stick (non-HD)


I am trying to run MediaPortal on a Windows 8.1 machine and XMBC as front end on Raspberry PI

I can see video and hear audio of Live Tv through the MediaPortal client on the Windows server. I can record and playback TV programs on the Windows machine (server) using the MP front end

I have installed and configured the various elements on XBMC ( raspberry PI) and media portal (win 8) to connect MP and XBMC. I can see the EPG on XBMC and select any program. A few seconds of buffering then I hear the program on the XBMC client. However, I do not see any video. I can change channels on the XBMC Client but always sound but no video.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Log extract: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=198730
Buy a mpeg license for Rpi ?
Ok, I have just put an order in for the MPEG-2 licence key and will update this thread when installed and tried out.


Yes, the MPEG-2 licence works. Thanks.

When an SD TV signal is displayed on a 32-inch screen, even with de-interlace set to "BEST" the interlace on the image varies between minor to quite disturbing. I guess if I want to persist with this I need to buy a DVB-T HD USB device. I hope that with reduce / eliminate the interlace.


SD deinterlace quality should be very good (the algorithm is similar to yadif).
Are you seeing a difference when enabled and disabled?
There is a slight improvement when deinterlaced is enabled (I tried BOB and weave as well) on the MEdiaPortal server running on Windows 8.1. When I see the TV through an XBMC cleint "window", so the EPG is visible on the left, the smaller image has no visible interlacing. When I expand the TV image to full screen on XBMC then , depending on the content (for some reason !), the interlacing ranges from the barely noticeable to the quite bad. I haven't detected a pattern to this yet as I have loaded the XBMC MPEG-2 licence only in the past few hours to get the TV signal displaying through XBMC.

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