Req MuMuDVB (Android and Linux PVR backend) PVR client addon for XBMC?
Any C/C++ developers looking into creating a real XBMC PVR client addon for the MuMuDVB (Multi Multicast DVB) PVR backend? (GPLv2 licensed cross-platform C source code on GitHub: )
Quote:MuMuDVB (Multi Multicast DVB) by Brice Dubost is an open source application made for redistributing DVB television streams over a network.

MuMuDVB also features IPTV and multicast support, and is designed for embedded platform and have a very low memory and CPU footprint.
What is most unique about it compared to the similar Tvheadend is that upstream MuMuDVB supports running natively on Android and Linux, both on ARM and x86 embedded systems.

This would mean that with MuMuDVB and XBMC you could use your Android media player as a stand-alone set-top box without using a separate external PVR backend TV server.
Have to add that I think the best thing about having the MuMuDVB PVR backend run nativly on Android and a matching MuMuDVB PVR client addon for XBMC would be to have both the DVB TV tuner server part that is MuMuDVB PVR backend TV tuner server application running on the very same Android box as the frontend XBMC media player app.

This mean that it could work with example Android compatible DVB TV tuner USB adapters like Geniatech PT115 USB DVB

and Android media players with integrated DVB TV tuners like example WeTek Play, MyGica ATV1220 / Geniatech ATV1220, and Xtreamer SideWinder4
I would like to bump this request for a MuMuDVB PVR client addon in Kodi

MuMuDVB now features an extended JSON API (webservices)
Found this tutorial in the OpenELEC wiki and forum about "How to make OpenELEC addon - on MuMuDVB sample"

Three years old however and no updates, and you will still need a PVR client addon for Kodi/XBMC.
I have a Matricom g-box in one room and would like to add another box in my living room.i am told i would need ethernet cable to run from the modem to the other box. Does this mean whatever program i am watching in one room will be shown in the other room? Or is each box controlled separately?
I second this request. I am running an ODROID-XU3 box with android Kodi and connected via usb to a Sony PlayTV tuner, I have the tuner modules installed and now have the correct dvb devices so all I need is either tvheadend or mumudvb ....

By the way, where is the android version of mumudvb located?

many Thanks,
Mid 2016! And Still Nothing!

This is somthing I'm Verry suprised no one had Botherd with
Considering that This type of thing can be done on
windows, Mac & others using
Other PVR Backends & Frontends, But nothing for Android!
Apart from This! :/

Anyone want to explain why? This seems Somthing Verry useful!
I also second This!
simple: nobody was interested enough to write the addon. As often in FOSS: you want it - you write it.
I have recently (last weekend) bought an Sony 4K television (49X830C) with android as its smart tv OS. So I have naturally immediately installed KODI.
Running an android PVR would enable me to record the DVB-signal straight from the twin-tuner source if this tuner would be recognized by the backend software.

Currently I am running an W10 mediabox with a TechnoTrend CableStar Combo HD CI. I use the DVBViewer software to record live television.
So having a PVR backend running on android supporting the twin-tuner would be quite an improvement as I would have the entire functionality incorporated in my smart tv.

Does anyone over here think this is a possibility or would the television set be set up to disable such a possibility?

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MuMuDVB (Android and Linux PVR backend) PVR client addon for XBMC?0
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