Release XeeBo (Gotham)
Thought I'd give this skin a new lease of life on Gotham.

watch gallery

Donations for XeeBo gratefully accepted.


Many thanks.
oh thank you a million Hitcher! this is the best news today !

I can get rid of my repo on github Big Grin

Edit: looks like it's not updated in the Gotham repo yet?
Edited the first post to say that you can find it on the Skin Development repo.
Loving this skin! Nice work.

Is there a possibility of adding a shows name somewhere when viewing a smart Playlist with episodes from multiple shows. Right now only the episode name is shown unless you hit info button.
Wow, THANK YOU Hitcher! I've been so attached to XeeBo that I was avoiding upgrading to Gotham, just because the skin was incompatible. :-)

I upgraded last night (XBMCbuntu, fresh install) and added the new skin from the dev repo. No problems to report so far.
wow, thanks. any chance of adding some kind of online video feeds to the homepage like the boxee skin?
(2014-06-05, 01:39)tennisbgc Wrote: wow, thanks. any chance of adding some kind of online video feeds to the homepage like the boxee skin?

That's a different Boxee skin.
tennisbgc there's a skin called "Boxee Inspirat" that has it. Personally I didn't like that feature.

Hitcher really appreciate this skin. It's also been keeping me on Frodo. Anytime I try one of the other skins, I think, no I don't like these. Smile Confluence and Amber are the only two tolerable skins for me.
Thanks so much Hitcher! I'd been running Gotham with the old version (mostly works).
Thank you so much hitcher! Now i have 1 skin again for all devices! This has been a hassle to find something everyone could figure out(especially my wife, and not so much my 3 year old daughter).
Thanks for the update. I've gone back to Xeebo now after reverting to Confluence for Gotham. It's working perfectly Smile

One small suggestion... It would be nice if when pressing up from the top item on the home screen menu it wrapped around to the bottom, so that the power menu and Settings could be selected with less clicks. The same applies for all the left menus I think.
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Legend!!! Big Grin
Thankyou hitcher for this amazing skin…

is it possible to incorporate kiosk mode with xeebo?

that would make it just about perfect… i know your busy… but i would be very grateful

regards Nick.
Hi Hitcher is it possible to add the video quality label when playing a video like in confluence skin I mean the "720p dolby 5.1 " ..
thank you ..

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