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Release Kodi Screen Reader (Text to speech)
(2018-11-25, 01:57)blindndangerous Wrote: If this has already been solved, my mistake, but I just updated from 17.3 to 17.6, and now can no longer use kodi screenreader.  When I start up kodi, it plays the tone, then plays the shutdown sound.  It repeats this once more, then either kodi will freeze completely or will work but no screenreader support at all.  I've tried this with both sapi and nvda latest.
I did nothing different, all I did was update.
Replied in the GitHub issue.

As for speech on Android, it does work well as described with eSpeak, but the Termux interface to Android speech doesn't quite work well enough to use (i.e. the interface freezes and speech stops after the first word) so my attempts to create a backend for it were thwarted. Hopefully it will work in the future.
Hello, i am totally blind, have bought Shield TV few weeks ago, and really want to use speaking Kodi on it. Is there any method how to do that or might i wait for some update? I didn`t find any step by step instructions in this thread, can you post it here please?
Well Kodi 18 Leia is finally LIVE!

Being the software gunslinger I am, decided to install it to see if the latest Kodi Screenreader build (service.xbmc.tts-1.0.8) worked with it at all.

I'm using a powerful mini PC (6GB RAM) runnning the latest build of Windows 10 1809 for my Kodi setup by the way.

First I did a full backup of all the files/folders for Kodi v17.6. Then removed it via Windows 10 Apps and Features uninstall facillity (Also manually renamed the Kodi folder located under \Users\<MyName>\AppData\Roaming\, using Windows 10 File Explorer.

Did a fresh install of Kodi 18 Leia. Launched it (So it could create the necessary files/folder structure under \users\<MyName>\AppData\Roaming\ again,) waited about 15 seconds, then closed Kodi Leia.

Then proceeded to copy the Kodi Screenreader files/folders from the renamed Kodi Folder and pasted them to the newly created one, using Windows 10 File Explorer:

Copied: \Users\<MyName>\AppData\Roaming\<RenamedKodiFolder>\addons\service.xbmc.tts
Pasted: \Users\<MyName>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\

Copied: \Users\<MyName>\AppData\Roaming\<RenamedKodiFolder>\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\service.xbmc.tts
Pasted: \Users\<My Name\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data

Copied: \Users\<MyName>\AppData\Roaming\<RenamedKodiFolder>\userdata\keymaps
Pasted: \Users\<MyName>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\

Note: Only two files was saved in my "<RenamedKodiFolder>\userdata\keymaps" folder: keyboard.xml and service.xbmc.tts.keyboard.xml. Both were copied over to the newly created keymaps folder.

Now I figured since I've copied all the Kodi Screenreader files that worked perfectly under Kodi v17.6 “Krypton” it should also work perfectly under Kodi 18 "Leia."

Launched Kodi Leia again, and with great anticipation waited for the familiar Kodi Screenreader TTS to start talking. Nope! Nothing happened. Then I hit [F12] (XBMC.RunScript(special://home/addons/service.xbmc.tts/enabler.py)) to see if that would do the trick. Nope! Get an audible beep, but no speech.

Nothing I attempted got the Kodi Screenreader to work with Kodi 18 Leia.

Now I'm pretty computer literate, so I'm sure I've copied/pasted all the necessary Kodi screenreader files and folders to their proper place.

I'm hoping the wise members subscribed to this community can assist me in getting this working (Which will also assists countless others too.)

Thanks for your help.

I posted this in other online comunities, but I may as well post it here too, maybe someone can clean up the instructions a bit.

I wrote it as a quick and dirty way to get kodi up and running with the screen reader, since the installer isn't always kept up to date.

Install kodi from the website, then follow these instructions.

You don't need a special setup file to install kodi with the screen reader if you follow these instructions.
I've installed Kodi countless times using this method and it has never failed.
Now, this will work with a completely clean install of kodi, in other words, I'm going to assume that kodi hasn't been installed on your system.
I'll be using windows terms to explain things, so you'll need to figure out what keys to press on a mac.
Now, on windows, all your kodi settings are installed in a folder you can get to by opening the run dialogue and typing %appdata%\kodi.
I'm not going to explain each little detail because it's not really needed.
I'm just going to tell you what keys to press once you've launched kodi for the first time.
Go ahead and run kodi for the very first time, now, what you want to do is tap the control key a few times, because the key presses sometimes don't register, particularly when you alt tab to another application, no idea why, it just does.
Once kodi is running, hold down the shift key and press A, then hit enter.
Now, hold downd shift once again, but this time we're going to press the letter D, followed by the enter key.
Now, we're going to again hold down shift, only this time we're going to press the letter S, followed by the enter key.
Now, here's where you really have to pay attention.
Press the down arrow 9 times, you should hear the little click sound as you arrow down.
Once you've arrowed down 9 times, hit enter twice.
That's it, if you followed the instructions exactly, you should have kodi up and running with speech.
If you happen to make a mistake, which I have done countless times before I worked all this out, simply delete the kodi folder that is installed in %appdata% and try again.
Now the reason for the shift key is because those letters on their own do other things, I'm not sure of all of them, so you really do need to use that shift key.
One more thing, I find kodi screen reader works better with the classic Confluence skin, which you can find in the main kodi repository.
Good luck, hope to see more people using kodi.
YES! This worked. I now have speech again for Kodi 18 Leia. Thanks so much. You mentioned posting these instructions on another forem? Could you share the link for that particular thread? Want to keep up on useful information like this in the future.

Thanks again ;P
Glad to hear you got it working.

Applevis and the blind subreddit were the two places I posted the very same instructions, but those places don't really discuss kodi.

On one thread someone was trying to use kodi with jaws, while on the other, someone was looking for an accessible version of Kodi after listening to a podcast demonstrating Kodi.
Kodi does not work with nvda from version 17.6 on including 19.  This even after installing the kodi screen reader and installing the nvda client.  The nvda client is shown as enabled but if you look under dependentcies it is shown still as orphaned even after being enabled.  The log shows that the kodi screen reder found nvda but the client is still shown as enabled and orphaned.  I hope very much taht this can be fixed.  Nvda speech offers advantages over internal sapi speech alone including a speech dictionary which makes speech much mor efficient.
I am implementing a new random-trailers plugin and I have yet to figure out why the text is not voiced. For starters, I would like to be able to voice the single label containing the title of the movie. Is there an article describing how the screen reader captures the text? I assumed that if I just made the label visible and focused that the screen reader would just work.
Just a note might help someone.  My Linux Mint and some Debian setups for my Blind clients  after a while not sure why but the screen reader would stop and I did everything I could to figure things out eventually i keep coming back to this forum post and the answer was it was disabled but even if you enabled it it would not play but if you look in the 

home folder ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.xbmc.tts
you will find a file or directory not sure ... called DISABLED
I just deleted this and started kodi again all good..

I imagine most debian type Linux distros this might come up  (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian)

I would have a problem with trying to install win10 + kodi with a screen reader for a blind acquaintance, but that didn't really work because typing a bug doesn't start after installation ...

About 2 years ago I installed win7 on it worked fine but here on win10 you do not want the truth ...

The Kodi log contains so many: gefilavama.kodi (paste)

If anyone has some good tips on how I can remedy this, I would appreciate it ...

Sorry for using my google translator ...
I was wondering if kodi screen reader will be ported over to work with version 19?

It would be a shame to see the kodi screen reader go.
(2020-01-18, 06:06)kool_turk Wrote: I was wondering if kodi screen reader will be ported over to work with version 19?

It would be a shame to see the kodi screen reader go. Hi I am trying to use kodi on my firestick and when I open it the speech which I have enabled on my firestick control stops and when I arrow it won't read anything so I can't use kodi. reading   
(2020-03-19, 01:25)Timvenetis Wrote:
(2020-01-18, 06:06)kool_turk Wrote: I was wondering if kodi screen reader will be ported over to work with version 19?

It would be a shame to see the kodi screen reader go. Hi I am trying to use kodi on my firestick and when I open it the speech which I have enabled on my firestick control stops and when I arrow it won't read anything so I can't use kodi. reading  I had help and I installed the kodi screen reader on my fire stick and it makes a beep when I go to kodi and when I arrow there is no speech. Is there something else I have to install? thanks. 
Hi, I could be wrong, but Kodi screen reader doesn't work with the firestick.

A friend of mine tried it and he also got that same beep, but no speech.

And while I'm here, could someone please fix the setup file that downloads the kodi screen reader?

It's handy for newbies to kodi.
I know I wrote a mini tutorial a few posts back, but that file made installing the screen reader a lot easier.
I have a version of tts plugin working with Kodi 19. Very little testing has been done and only on Linux. I haven't yet checked to see of owner of TTS is doing this or would like any help.
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