Play multiple audio tracks at once

So first of all, thanks for a totally awesome media center solution in XBMC!

I have been thinking about a feature, which i think would be very cool while watching a movie in XBMC.
The idea came to me, when my wife and I was watching Planes the other day. My wife wanted to use the danish audiotrack, and i prefer the original english audiotrack.
To then it pops into my head, what if it was possible to stream individual audiotracks to you handheld device(iPhone, Android) with XBMC remote installed and then plug-in your earpods. Each viewer would be able to get the audiotrack they prefer, and can watch the move at the same time.

I know that i can't be full surround sound when using ear-pods, so it has to be some stereo downmix of the AC3 or DTS streams.

Actually, my LGtv has a similar solution when it comes to 3d movies. It has regular passive 3d glasses and dual-play glasses. If you wear the 3d glasses you get the 3d effect, but if you wear the dual-play glasses, you get regular 2d movie.

See it as real-time multiple viewer customization. Smile

Please share your thoughts on this.

Sounds like a cool idea. Not sure I would ever need this option myself
AFAIK this has already been requested - mind searching?
Well, i did search but didn't find anything. Maybe my searching skillz are a bit rusty
I think once we support transcoding, it should be possible that a remote app connects to an audio stream. The only difficulty here is to get the devices in sync with the picture

Just wanted to bump this since i have been watching the latest kordkutters episode, and Ned and Nate talk about all the new cool audio stuff which might be possible in the future.
You should also checkout also see these related disussions which are about allowing the use of external audio tracks

But undertsnad that external audio tracks is one thing, and playing multiple audio tracks at once is a different thing.
I also need that function:

* I have video with two or more audio tracks.
* I have computer with multiple audio devices - audio card or several cards, hdmi audio output in the video card, possibility to connect bluetooth headphones. Also I can plug in as many usb dacs as needed for every pair of headphones for every family member.

Sometimes my family can not agree what audio track to use. Kids prefer native language, parents prefer original language, someone wants to listen to another translation variant.
It would be very good to have possibility to output different audio tracks to different audio devices simultaneously.
Or, alternatively, if I have 5.1 audio card, front channels could play one audio track downsampled to stereo, and surround plays other track, downsampled to stereo (and I plug in headphones to the sorround jack, while front channers are connected to speakers). So everyone can hear the sound they want...

with kindest regards,

I would also like this function, my partner speaks French, but I don't. She wants the original French track of a French movie, I'd enjoy another track in an mkv. I'd love to have track A on HDMI to the TV, and track B to eg. a BT audio device (headphone). Is it possible already, or still a feature request?

Thank you

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