Bug Menu text missing when switching profiles
I believe I've found a skin specific bug with Aeon MQ 5. When switching between profiles; the main menu text disappears when switching back to the "Master User" profile.

Steps to repro:
1. Create second profile (both master use and new profile should be Aeon MQ 5)
2. Switch to the new profile (the menu is intact)
3. Switch back to the Master profile

The symptoms are:
- The menu text is missing. The menu bar is still functional
- The menu is missing the "Shutdown" menu item

The problem can be reproduced in OpenElec 4.0.3, Gotham 13.1 RC1 for both Windows x64 and OS X x64.
The problem does not reproduce when using Confluence, Aeon Nox 5, or Amber.


Log file
Having the same issue.

Thought it may of been due to a corrupt user file so I went and reinstalled a fresh copy, only to find it's the same.

I also have install XBMC and MQ5 on another HTPC different video and CPU combination with the same resultsSad

Pictures of screens follow:-

1/ Profile Screen


2/ Open Master Profile (Anime Shows) everything fine.


3/ Change User to HD Movies or TV Shows both are using MQ5.


4/ Change User and go back to Master Profile (Anime Shows) menu text is now gone!


5/ Now this only happens when going between Profiles that are using MQ5 and only affects the Master Profile, I have another Profile I use for Static Picture Viewing and Cartoons (Magazines) this uses Neon. Going between this profile and the Master Profile the menu text is fine.


Strange behaviour for what I believe is the best skin for XBMC
I've since switched to Amber as my skin of choice as the result of this issue. I'm liking it more and more.
It's been a while.

Looks as this is still a problem with no fix.

Love this skin but seems like it's time to move on, bugger.
Yep I confirm I'm having the same issue
This only happened when I updated to Gotam

I did not had this issue on Frodo

I tried deleting all profiles and recreate them same issue
if I load the Master profile 1st, all is ok
if I change user and load any other profile, all is ok
but if I change user and load Master user, then I loose the menu text

I also tried rebooting and loading another profile, all is ok
but if I change and select Master, same problem....

If I change skin, then change back to Aeon all is back to normal ....

I also notice that the movie names shows up in small in the upper left corner of the menu bar instead large and centered.
Also I added a "Change User" to the menu at the end... and when the issue occurs all the item are there, with no text, but change user is missing.
no updates on this since june??
(2014-10-17, 03:26)Buhric Wrote: no updates on this since june??

Must be, no one uses profiles.

The only way I've got around this problem is to set the master profile as anything other than mq5.

Luckily I use neon as a photo magazine reader.
I use profiles. I'd really like this fixed as they make profiles essentially unusable with MQ5.

Can anyone debug this?
I actually found a work around

Just go to "Change User" press down, and select the "Change User" in the sub menu

Voila , no more missing text

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