install xbmc 13 on pcbsd 10
Could somebody please give me a help on how to install the last XBMC 13 on my pcbsd desktop installation?

Thank you in avance for any help!

Question: What is a pcbsd desktop installation? printed-circuit-board-standard-display?

Anyway just click on the ,exe and you're laughing.
Sorry PatK , my mistake. PC BSD is a desktop installation of freebsd operative system. ( I have installed XBMC 13 beta on my PC BSD desktop about 3 month ago and now I whant to upgrade to the final relese of the XBMC 13. So the question is if somebody can give some help on this.

Thanks in advance

It is a looong time since I used PCBSD (or any bsd for that matter) and I can't remember the details of their packaging system. However 13.1 is certainly there for freebsd.

I don't know if that helps.
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LOL I should have caught that Smile synaptic packaging manager should take care of you.
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