Req Renamer - settings location & detect duplicates
A fantastic product - many thanks!

Some suggestions for the Renamer feature in Settings > Movies

1. I believe the Folder name pattern is applied across TV shows as well as movies; perhaps it should be moved/relocated to the General tab.

2. Occasionally a scrape will yield a date in the title field (e.g. Dr. Who (2005) or Louie (2010)), which will be duplicated by Renamer as it generates the folder structure (e.g. Dr. Who (2005) (2005) or Louie (2010) (2010)). It isn't much to edit the scraped settings to eliminate the date from the title and clean up the folder structure (thanks for making this so easy!), but it would be nice at times to have the option to keep it in for those cases when a date in the title is useful (a remake, a long-running series, etc.)
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well, we'd like to have different settings for TV & movies.
Whilst TV folder structure (and names) needs to be kinda fixed, movies can be named as you like.
So i guess, this will stay like it is...

never came across this, but if the title has an appended year, you should report that the site where it came from.
So you help anybody using this Smile
While we are able to detect a year, we cannot plainly remove it.
We can never be sure if it is wrongy appended, or needed for the title (see

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Thanks for the reply:
2) Thanks for the heads up - I've posted series change requests at for both these titles.

1) I think I understand - do you mean that changing the Folder name pattern will have no effect on how TV series are named? If so, perhaps - for the sake of usability - a simple message indicating how TV shows will be named is all that's needed. (Sorry for being nitpicky - it's just not transparent to me how things are getting named through the UI).

Again, thanks for a really fantastic app!
yes, movie settings have no impact on TV shows.
TV shows have not the full renaming possibilities, because the structure on XBMC and others needs to be quite fixed...

And yes, you are right, the settings page is a littil bit intransparent sometimes Tongue
You find a "renaming example" on the TV show settings, the last drop-down...
But we already rearranged it with upcoming 2.6, it's getting better Wink

tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
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