Win Strange behaviour of season banner, sometimes missing

For some time I am noticing some problems with season banners in my tv series view. The problem is: They don't appear.
When Gotham 13.1 came out and I saw the problem continue as with Frodo before I decided to investigate a little closer.
I installed 13.1 twice, used the same setup of a folder with one series containing one season with one episode and used two different ways to obtain the art for transparency. In one gotham I used the thetvdb scraper included in XBMC to scrape the folder. I correctly identified the series and when I switched to the library view everything was fine. Poster, banner, fanart, episode thumb, everything showed up as supposed to.
The other gotham I configured to use only local already stored nfo instead of scrape on thetvdb. Previously I used Ember Media Manager to download all the artwork needed and stored them into the series directory. After updating the library posters, fanart, episode thumb, series banner. Everything showed up, but the season banner was missing! Look at the screenshots to understand what I mean.
After that I exported the videodb of the gotham version that scraped from thetvdb into seperate files. The other two screenshots show the content of the series folders after that. You will see, both folders contain banner.jpg and season01_banner.jpg.
BUT while the gotham version that used the already stored image files didn't display a season banner at all, the gotham version that scraped used the banner.jpg to show at season level (compare the screenshots of XBMC and folder view).
So I got two questions that I hope someone with inside knowledge of the XBMC art handling in Transparency can answer:
1. Why are local stored files ignored for displaying the season banner?
2. Why uses Transparency the banner.jpg instead of the seaonsxx_banner.jpg if XBMC does the scraping.
3. Where is the difference between this two ways of optaining the artwork if the export shows they create the same files?

If needed I could upload the nfo files and exports of the videodatabase as single xml files as well.

Any help?

After scrape with XBMC thetvdb scraper:
After scrape with Ember and using the XBMC nfo-only scraper:
The series folder after export of videodatabase of XBMC-TheTVDb-Scrape in separate files:
The series folder after Ember Media Manager scrape:
I've the same issue here, but no solution. Undecided

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Strange behaviour of season banner, sometimes missing0
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