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AVI streaming slow on SMB
first: i have checked the posts on these forums and looked in the user guide, but have not been able to figure this out.
i have a v1.0 xbox and am running a recent build of xbmc as my dash.
i am able to stream most video from my pc to my xbox with no problem. xvid, divx, mpeg and most .avi files all stream perfectly over my linksys wrt54g wireless router.
but, when i try to stream .avi files captured from my camcorder, the videos play, but very very slowly. they pause and then start and pause and then start. i guess you could call it stuttering. it's like the wireless link can't keep up with the amount of data required to play these .avis at full speed.
and i could see where that could happen. these files are captured at the full mini dv resolution, which i believe is like 3.6 megs per second.
i'm guessing i need to find a setting somewhere that tells xbmc to cache a fair amount of the file before it starts playback. but i could not find such a setting in the setup.
any suggestions?

AVI streaming slow on SMB00