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Release Carbon Skin
ahh yeah that's the stuff haha thanks man

also the seek bar color is that the color it's gonna be or is it gonna be changeable ?
It will be changeable. You can also change the osd background, bg darkness & bg transparency.

(2014-09-22, 01:04)Skribbler1 Wrote: Would it be possible to have custom shelves set on the first five or so favourites and addons tiles?

Silly me. You have already added what I was requesting. Never mind.... Best skin ever!
Updated to Version 0.2.1
0.2.1 (Sept23-14)
* Redesigned VideoOSD
* Added Customize OSD to Video Options
* Redesigned MusicOSD (Under Construction)
* Added Home Icon Animation Menu to Adv.SkinSettings
* Added Hide TV Fav Shelf Label to Adv.SkinSettings
* Fixes
Request: could you please upload the atv/sio2 background with the next update.
Updated to Version 0.2.2
0.2.2 (Sept26-14)
* Added 25 More Colors
* Added Custom 'Other' BG to SkinSettings
* Added SiO2 Background to SiO2(X) Layouts
* Added Images & Info to SkinSettings
* * Moved Home Slider Animation Menu to
Home Icon Menu
* Fixes

You will notice with this Update you will not have a Custom Homescreen BG setup anymore. This is because I have created another Background Setting so you can have a different Homescreen & Menu Background.

Those who have requested the SiO2 Home Wallpaper, The SiO2 Wallpaper is set as default for the SiO2 or SiO2-X Icon Layouts now. Make sure you have the Custom Home BG disabled to use the default SiO2 Wallpaper.

I have added an additional 25 More Colors, There are 5 different color choices for each color of the spectrum. I have tried to supply a variety of color choices, there may be tweaks to these colors in the future.
Updated to Version 0.2.3

0.2.3 (Sept29-14)
* Added Custom EPG BG
* Fixes
Updated to Version 0.2.4
0.2.4 (Sept30-14)
* Added EPG Homescreen Icon
* Increased EPG Font Size
* Fixed Live TV popups
* Fixed EPG colors
* Fixed Video OSD buttons (added PVR-Rec.)
* Fixed Weather Image Size on Home Icon
* Notification window background color
is now Primary Color

If people would like to see my future plans for this skin I have added a To Do List on Post#1
Updated to Version 0.2.5
0.2.5 (Oct05-14)
* Changed Default Backgrounds
* Fixed Background Darkness Settings
* Fixed Notification Background
* Increased EPG Font Size
* Replaced Skin Icon
* Changed Default Slider/Select Color (Blue)
* Reduced Border thickness
* Added HomeIcon Border Transparency to HomeIcon Menu
* Added Custom HomeShelf Bkgd to Adv.SkinSettings
* Added HomeShelf Darkness to Adv.SkinSettings
* Fixed iCanuck Wallpapers
* Updated iCanuck Wallpapers(0.0.3)
* Fixes

- The SiO2 Wallpaper has been changed to a Custom HomeShelf Background setting.
This can be set in the 'Advanced SkinSettings Menu > Enable Custom HomeShelf Background'. You can now have a Shelf Background(Upper portion) with a seperate Custom Home Background(Lower portion).

There are only a few Shelf Backgrounds to choose from but I will create more in future updates.
Updated to Version 0.2.6
0.2.6 (Oct09-14)
* Added Custom TopRow window
* Added Custom TopRow window BG (Adv.SkinSettings)
* Added TopRow Window BG Darkness (Adv.SkinSettings)
* Disabled DialogProgress window on Custom TopRow window
* Added 4 TopRow Favorites (Adv.SkinSettings)
* Adjusted Home Slider on all Layouts
* Adjusted all Home Icon Colors
* Add HomeCustomizer Icon colors
* Adjusted all HomeCustomizer Layouts
* Fixes

I have added a Custom TopRow window which can be setup in the HomeCustomizer, it is the top left icon. You can have up to 18 Favorites which will populate onto the shelf. I have disabled the DialogProgress window when the Custom TopRow window is open so no more annoying popup window when loading custom shelf items.

For those who requested more top row shelf favorites, I have added 4 more. This can be Enabled in the Advanced SkinSettings Menu. However I suggest you try the Custom TopRow window first.

I have added icon colors to the HomeCustomizer, this is the first step to eventually building all Home Icon Menu settings into the HomeCustomizer. I am working on being able to change each home icons color.
great skin
(2014-10-10, 03:44)a_guy Wrote: I really love this skin thanks a lot for opening up sio2 and making it truly customizable you are amazing.
I have one suggestion: Can you please add a border for the selector with colors options[/php]

Thanks! This all started with me loving Sio2-x but I wanted a different color home selector and it snowballed from there. Glad you enjoy it!

Are you refering to the home selector or the list selector?
Updated to Version 0.2.7a

0.2.7a (Oct10-14)
* Changed Skin name to Carbon
* Fixed Shelf Favorites
* Fixed Home Shelf Background

I have changed the name of the skin to Carbon as it fits the new colors better. I have NOT changed the Folder Name(skin.co2) so you will NOT have to re-setup anything.
great skin
Consider it done. I will include in next update.

EDIT** It looks like it is going to take more work to do this than I had originally thought. I can't guarantee it in the next update but I will in future updates.
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