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Release - yarc for mobile: current version 0.12.0
(2014-07-08, 16:06)ruth440 Wrote: (...) it appears to be reloading and then sometimes display more results before stopping all together.(...)

ok, so i guess it's a performance issue. i think you have to life with that, i never had something like this.... sorry...

Quote:Thanks for all your help. Should you have any further questions, please let my know.
yes thanks. right now i am improoving things i have and bugfixing, better comment the code etc. the release after the next one, i think i will improove small things. i think about the following:
-a button to play whole album, instead of loading it to the playlist and then add it
-add youtube videos to the playlist
- setting for screen width (so you can choose from which width it should be icons instead of a list)
- submit the addon to the superrepo (http://superrepo.org/)

after that and some more bugfixing (i do my best to create new bugs Wink ) the following are on my list as a maybe/think about:
- searching for songtitles
- better youtube search
- the language/flag function as a tool to add the info to the library (once), and use the language info from the xbmc to show it.

but this "maybe" release is maybe not this year anymore. and maybe there are other ppl with whishes or ideas i think are good, which would come first... so lets see what happens...

oh and not to forget, i need better fanart. i really hate those things. if someone wants to help me with that, please contact me, or i will have to find a friend who is willing to help me with that.
Hi all,

i can announce a new version: yarc 0.3.3. you can download it here.

it's mainly a bugfix version. here the changelog:
- bugfix: addonspage: listpos init fixed
- get rid of some redundant code
- switched color of swipefied-navigation and swipefield-media
- some css tweaks in BSM
- say if playlist empty
- in Playlist, indicate if plaing song is on pause or playing
- bugfix: change symbols on buttons to fontawesome for higher browser compatibility

@ruth: if you are still reading:
i changed the button symbols to font awesome, which is awesome indeed. it's possible that you don't need to change buttons. try it out. if not, unfortunatelly there is now a bit more to change. but i hope it works out for your. again, thanks to your feedback yarc has improved, not just for your "special" situation, but in general.
Quote:@ruth: if you are still reading:
i changed the button symbols to font awesome, which is awesome indeed. it's possible that you don't need to change buttons. try it out. if not, unfortunatelly there is now a bit more to change. but i hope it works out for your. again, thanks to your feedback yarc has improved, not just for your "special" situation, but in general.
Wow - the button symbols all show up nicely now. Thanks!

oh great! thanks for the feedback and the screenshot. it just lookes like it should (the buttons)
Hi There,

sorry for the long silence, i am very busy and have some bug's in the comming update i could not fix so far...

but if some guy's are awayting the ubuntu touch phone: good news. i tried this remote in an emulation of the acutal build, and it works very good. the default browser supports:
- svg
- localStorage
- authentification (if set in xbmc)
- touchswipe

looking forward to my next phone Smile
Nice to hear from you again, tuxfuxch.
Just wanted to let you know that yarc is still my default webinterface and I'm looking very much forward to trying your update. I can now say after having tried 0.3.3 for a couple of months that it works great although sometimes it takes a while to load searches. It could be because it seems to start searching as soon as I start typing in the search field. But there are no crashes, which I wrongly mentioned earlier - it just sometimes hangs and reloads a couple of times, so I guess I became too impatient.

Good to know you are doing some testing on the Ubuntu Touch since I think my next phone is going to be either Ubuntu or Firefox - I haven't decided yet. But fortunately, my old Nokia 5800 still works :-)
Hi ruth,

nice to hear that!

about your reload problem: i can imagine that. but i have to say sorry, i have quite an old mobile my selfe and do not have such problems. i think there is the line i don't want to support even older phones.

here an update whats going on right now:
- i hoped that my plugin is getting included in the superrepo-repo. So far it did not apear and i don't know why Sad
- the new version has no very big improvements but some nice small improvements (not released yet)
- my main problem why i did not yet release a new version is, that the zip i generate from my source gives an error when it is installed, and i have no clue so far why Sad. If i copy it by hand at the right place, everything works fine...

but now a question for you ruth:
i am still thinking about your request to search for songs. as i told you, i don't get the song informations right now, and i don't want to change that for the main music page.
so i thought about eigther a subpage which can be openend with a button on the music page, or a popup. there you would find a searchfield to search for a song and a list with matches apears. these matches can be played, or added to the playlist. what do you think about that, and what do you think would be better: a popup or a subpage (like the on for the playlist). but be aware. in eighter situation, the search would be the same as the other ones and would give you the same problems, even more, since the data is larger.
Ruth, me again,

i am already working on it and have a acceptable first version.

i decided for a own subpage.

i also had to change the "instant live search", it's too power consuming when you have a loooot of songs. so it's: type something, than push a button, then the results come.

i have still a nasty bug in the music section and also the problem with zip. so it's not wise to release. but your songsearch feature is comming soon!
Hi tuxfuxch
So glad you decided to go for the non-live search option! Is that going to be the way all searches are done in yarc or will it only be when searching for songs? Being able to search for a song is going to be rather helpful so I'm thrilled that you're working on it.

It sounds like you are also making an effort to do bug fixing, which is often ignored due to the fact that new features for many people seems the only thing that is important. Sure, new features are sometimes nice, but they tend to come at the expense of the gui or backend being less responsive. If I were to choose between stability and bling, I'd go for stability any day. Yeah, I'm boring like that... with an old phone :-)

Thank you for keeping yarc alive. I'd +rep you, but there is no option for me to do so. Perhaps I've not made enough posts or something.
Hi ruth,

i found the nasty bug, was something small which was actually there since day one, but did not realise it Smile

i have to disapoint you: i think with the new song search feature, it got less responsive Sad but i am not sure about it, it's just a feeling.

the old searches stay the same. for me it's a key feature. but the songs will be searched only on press.

now i need to figure out why the zip is not working, and i can upload the newest version...
Hi all,

the new version is ready for download! There are some new features. An update might be worth it.

As in the last posts mentioned, i had problems with creating the zip. So i decided to not provide zip's anymore. if you want an installable zip, simply go to:

and press the button "Download as ZIP".

IMPORTANT: If you already have yarc installed, you need to set it as default webinterface again, in case you use it as a such. It might be even possible, that you first have to uninstall the last version (otherwise you might have yarc 2 times installed. could not test that. feedback in that manner is apreciated). Sorry for this inconvenience.

But a lot changed and i think it just got more mature. Here the changelog:

Version 0.4.0
- Moved Shutdown button to top of Tools list
- Show/Hide of Footer on tab on empty area disabled
- added button into album popup to emptly playlist and play the whole album
- remove functionality to choose skin. now it's only dark theme
- css: move preview images of popups in the background
- bugfix: movietimes gets now rounded on mintues
- bugfix: language selection double running and wrong adding removed
- bugfix: double entry "FM" in countryLanguages removed
- added shuffle and repeat buttons
- changed XBMC to Kodi in readme
- Refresh button for Playlist added
- Delete button for Playlistitems in Playlist added
- Search for specific song functionality added

Have fun and i hope you enjoy the changes.
Hi tuxfuxch,
Just a very short initial take on your new release. The version 0.4 was easily installed after having uninstalled the previous version and having reset the default web interface.

The most interesting thing is the fact that the song title search is much faster than the album/artist search. The album/artist search is not slower than before, but it is simply blown away by the speed of the title search. I noticed that the title search is not respecting the search limitation you can set in the settings section.

This update seems to be a good one and I must stress that the speed of the title search is what impressed me the most.

I'll do more testing in the following week and give more feedback if you want.

Thank you for a great update!
Hey Ruth,

thanks for the feedback. i am happy you like it.

i did not realise that the setting of listlength is ignored. my collection is quite small as you know Smile

what do you think:
-should i leave this with the longer list. the reduction is good when there are pictures involved. but for text only entries (as it is right now) i think we could ignore it. another reason is, that this would mean a lot of more code . what do you think. leave it, or make it like the others? would you like to have the albumpicture infront of the songs? in that case i would have to reduce the list.

- if i search without typing something in the searchfield, it gives back all songs of in my collection (in my case a little more than 1200). even on my desktop computer this takes a while. so i thought a requirement could be, that it has to be typed at least some character. would you think that helps or just is in the way of creativity? and if i program this requirement, do you think 3 letters at least is ok?

testing is always appreciated, as opions are.

then: yes i am sure the songsearch is much faster on your phone. on mine only a little. let me tell you the reasons i won't change the other searches:
- i don't need more buttons
- it's easier if someone is not sure what is is looking for
- a list which is already there gets reduced. that's another case than the song-search feature.

i am still sorry, but even with your good experience of the songsearch, i did not change my oppinion (yet).
Hi tuxfuxch,
I have tried various searches using the song title function, and it's only very common words that halting the searches. For instance, the search "computer" generates about ten matches, whereas the string "love", which generates a lot more, seems to be taking as long as doing a normal 2-3 hit scenario search in album/artist. I have yet to do a stupid search like "the" or "a", but then again doing searches like that I would be asking for trouble :-)
Having said that, it makes good sense to require at least 3 characters as you suggest.

I'm absolutely fine with the fact that you are not keen on changing the other searches if your phone only shows a small speed diference. The fact that you can get results while typing is great, although that functionality is not going to happing on my phone.
New release is aviable.
Now the interface gets translated to a small amout of languages. French, italian and portuguese are on it's way. if anybody would like to help translate, please contact me! It takes less than an hour!
Also the youtube part got some love.

here is the changelog:

Version 0.5.0
- Added translation functionality with German, English, klingon and Spanish
- palceholder for non existing covers and back and forth arrow pircture: without black-white frame
- restrict songsearch to allow only at least 3 chars
- Design-bug-fix: collapsable titles are now allways white
- Disable Button after adding a song to the playlist in songsearch and remove "Done!" information
- Add "Back Button" in Youtube Search
- added posibility to add youtube videos to playlist
- added play-playlist button to youtube popup

as usual you can get it here:
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