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Release - yarc for mobile: current version 0.12.0
Hi all,

i updated yarc. a big update:
now it's possible to navigate with the deviceOrientation event. It's still quite Beta and I need your opinion!

there is no desciption yet. Maybe in the next release there will be a demo video.

how to use it:
- you need a device which supports it (modern mobile phones should do it)
- on the first page there is now a switch where you can activate it. if there is no switch, your browser does not support it, so there is no sense to even show it
- how to navigate:
- if you are in the "navigation section":
- hold your phone normally in portrait view (not landscape!), as you use it normally
- if you go with the upper edge down, until it's lower than on a table, it goes down
- if you go with the upper edge in your direction until its more than straigt up, it goes up
- if you lean your upper edge to the right, it goes right
- accordingly with left
- if are in "player" mode, you can jump to the next or prev. playlist item with the right or left move
- if your phone is facing with screen down the a flat surface, it pauses
- if you take your mobile normaly in the hands again, it continues playing

Be aware, it's a battery killer, so switch the service off if you don't need it! you need to try it out a bit i guess. sorry.

i tested it with a nexus4, android5 and firefox, maxthon and chrome, also with iphone4+5 (i think). in iphone, the play/pause function is not working.

i would really apreciate feedback! pls also tell me which device, operating system and browser you use.

here the changelog:
Version 0.6.0
- Device Orientation Navigation: navigate through changing the oriantation of your device
* works with mobiles/tablets and it's browsers who support the deviceOriantion API
* Navigate up down left right and also go to next or previous songs
* if you lay your device facing down on the table it pauses, take it in you hands again to play
- send now all Youtube Vidos to Video Playlist instead of music playlist
- Say it if in searches (addons, movies, music) no items are found
- remove season in tv Series, if thre are no items to show and write information
- replaced star-rating function: now it only displays one star with rating
- some cleaning up / optimise java script code
- Footer Bar: toggle button now bigger and slightly transparent when footer not visible
- don't show preview images im popup backgrounds, for TV-Show-Titles, footer and youtube items
- in some browsers (mostly non-mobile) the playlist can be sortet with drag-and-drop
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
There is an Update aviable. I hope you like the new fanart, and i hope it looks a bit more professional than the last one.

I want to point out the new functionality of seeking media playing possitions:
if footer is out, simpli click on it and a "seek-bubble" apears. if you move it to left or right, you can jump to certain positions. While moving, it shows to which point in the playing media it will jump, and how much time it is away from the point you are (when starting moving the bubble).

The new Version can be downloaded here.

here is the changelog:

Version 0.7.0
- add a seek playing file position functionality: while Footer bar open, press on it and a seek media bubble appears
- while the seek-bubble is moved, it prints out where it would jumpt to, and the time difference to current position (at time of start moving bubble)
- add progress bar in footerbackground for better progress visability from distance
- album popup now adds now songs in the same way as youtube popup
- search song textfield runs now also with pressing enter
- added jqueryUI (only sortable and dragable)
- replaced Sortable Plugin with functions from jqueryUI, since i need jqueryUI anyway
- text and buttons within swipe field should not be selected anymore on long pressing in upper part
- some html cleanup
- new logo, icon and fanart
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
i just made a demo video. if you are interested, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yltMcKJFewE (1:18, 4:50 and 9:30 might be most interesting)
btw: it's the upcoming version (addon part), which is not on github yet.
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
Excellent work. I like what you are doing with addons.
I am an expert at acting like an expert ---- WC Fields.

XBMC Web Control Interface - https://github.com/mthiels/webinterface.xrc
Thanks Kabooga,

awxi can do the same btw. the slight difference is, that in my solution, you have a send text field right there and a toggle for description text. and more with fanart (if you wish).
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
Nice. Couple of things.

Why not use the standard keys for volume, play/pause etc.?

For language support I use JED. I have a standard PO English file that is used on Transifex (where Kodi users translate the strings) and then I use a Gettext tool to convert the PO files to JSON that JED can use. Just in case you don't want to reinvent the wheel Smile
AWXi - Ajax web interface. Wiki
Hey Mizaki,

keymap: there are basically 2 reasons, first: it needs to be easily usable with a hardware keyboard on a mobile. there some key's are a pain in the a*. and also, the key's should be found in the dark (while watching, without turning light on). because of this, i choose key's in the corners.
secondly: my laptop has printed play/pause etc on my key, so i got used to them with all the players... (shame on me, the selfish bastard Wink ). but i think about using the kodi keymap, and give a option to choose my own one (because it's the one which will be less used i guess).

JED: thanks for the hint. i actually invented the wheel already new. never heard about JED or transifex. but sounds very interesting. i certainly will work for the over next release! Great!

btw Mizaki, i am working currently on a good iso-639 json. where the codes get "translated" to native language. are you interested in this effort? would be nice if some else could use it, because i spent literally hours on it (and only half is done so far!). for me the flags are important. this blows the project. i can imagine you don't want, them, but maybe the native conversion. example: an *.mkv has the code "kas", which stands for "Kashmiri", but it can be translated to "कॉशुर / Koshur / كأشُر " (that's where i am in the list currently Wink ). it needs utf-8 support. are you interested? i could tell you in your thread as soon as i finished.
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
I read the wiki page and I'm still not sure what it's for, the tagging of video file languages? Sure, give me a shout, finding time might be difficult though.
AWXi - Ajax web interface. Wiki
well, this is a function i offer. i think you could be interested in something much simpler: awxi (i have version 0.7.3) writes out the language from the streamdetails, if there is any.
i have a movie in english, and awxi tells me as language: eng
now, i am compile a list, with all iso-639-2 codes (used at least in mkv and mp4 as standard), which tells the language in the native language. so awxi could write out "English" enstead of only "eng". or in the case above, "kas" -> "कॉशुर / Koshur / كأشُر ".

you don't need to do tagging (well you can if you wish). simply, if in streamdetails there is a language, you go to the iso-json.
if there is kas, you get the native word(s) like this: iso_639_2["kas"(would be a var)]["native"].

i hope i could write it better/more understandable.

this would not take long to implement, since you write out the language codes already.


here how the list looks like with only 1 example entry:
the "flag" information does not matter (can be deleted) if you don't wish to show representative flags.

var iso_639_2 = {
"native":"日本語 (にほんご/にっぽんご)",

if you want to do something which works with tagging in file-names, it would take longer for sure.
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
arggg. mizaki, sorry, i just realised why you were confused: forget everything you read about my language tagging. this changed a lot in the recent (not yet uploaded) version.
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
I'm with you now. A "friendly" language conversion Smile

Side note: did a bit of Japanese in my time, never seen nippngo before, always nihongo. Guess that came from some official source?
AWXi - Ajax web interface. Wiki
the info in my file? based on a json from githup. the info's i add is all wikipedia. the iso standard, is of course very official and is here:

so, are you interested in my effort (would help me motivate do work faster Wink )?
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
Hurray! New Version aviable! Now you can browse your addons!

And to mention again: you can watch a demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yltMcKJFewE

It's quite a large update. Please read the changlog:

- Addon Menues are now accessible on yarc. consider it still beta. if a addon does not work for you, please tell me about in the kodi forum
- skip song with deviceOrientation removed
- playpause for "player" mode added again with devie Orientation
- Youtube part is now removed, since you can use the youtube addon easy in the addon section.
- language function (streamdetails) of kodi is used together with my own parsing from filename
* To tag in filenames, you need to comply with iso639-2 (or -1), sorry for that inconvenience
* complete list: http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php
- "No Language" and "No Rating" are now translated too
- some css changes so that there are shown same amount of elements in Movies, Music and Addon section, with "large screens"
- some more css changes: addon overview on a small screen (list not tiles) are shown as in the music or movie section
- setting to swap swipe directions. default: navigates in the direction you swipe (the opposite you are used to from previous versions)
- Demo video Button in tools added
- added a link to the readme in the settings.
- dropped support of SVG. It's now PNG only (because of shitty browsers which don't support SVG fully).
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
small Hurray! for small improvements.

I want to point out:
- in addons, there is now an addon (or gets presentet as addon, even though it's not) for kodi-favorites. i use it for the most used radio stations from 3 different plugins and also for the search in youtube ("faster access"). I recomment to have a look at kodi favorites if you don't use it. very helpfull to me at least.

here the full changelog:
Version 0.8.1
- Kodi Favourites are now accessible as addon (it shows up in the addon list as addon)
- css styling: on large screens (more than 700px width), next and prev buttons are on the side of the list, and not anymore part of the list
- added Setting: default for the checkbox if you want to stay in addon popup after opening file
- Added release date (premiered) in Addon Fileitems, if there is any
- jumps now to top of addon popup on refresh or entering a folder
- seek overlay get's now hidden by start, so that it doesn't come into the way anymore
- Song-Search Items have now preview pircture of the album and artist is shown
- playlist items have now a preview picture
- css styling: TV Series got some love. Now episode preview pictures are shown and better collapsable styling
- css styling: the green tick's for seen media is now shown consistently at the same place (top right)
- some readme updates
- css styling: made addonpopup smaller in width. leaving the popup is now easier on mobiles
- some html simplyfing/cleanup
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
Hi, thanks for the add-on, works great on 14.2 Helix. Is there any plans to make it work with 15.1? Whenever I try to install it says its the wrong file structure.
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yarc for mobile: current version 0.12.055