The case for (or against) an Experimental Branch
What is the best case (or argument) for (or against) an Experimental branch of XBMC? What I mean by experimental is a brach of the XBMC main line for the Lunatic Fringe; where no idea is too crazy, too useless or too out-there. I am thinking what DARPA is to the pentagon. A place where code, ideas and even a toxic combination of the two can be openly discussed without risk of offending anyone sensibilities...

currently there are 2214 such forks on github alone... sure, you can make number 2215 if you want.
I am aware of the forks. But I was thinking more along the lines of an incubator; one whose products are fed back to the XBMC main line.
Besides, forks are usually driven by the code (changes ) and are thus developer-driven. I am thinking more along the lines of developing ideas from the entire community and harnessing that back into XBMC. Such that a random user may come up with an idea, and this is fleshed out, organically into a code snipet,or dies a natural death; all the while helping spawn the next idea.
A fork, by its very nature will evolve into a different entity. What I propose is a mechanism for infusing XBMC with new DNA, so to speak, thus keeping the evolution going.
UHRR. who's gonna develop on that tree? well, devs of course! devs can collaborate just fine using their working trees. i have absolutely no idea what you are suggesting. every single dev's tree are 'incubators'. have you ever worked with distributed revision control? doesn't look like it..

a fork with git(hub) isn't a fork of the application. each dev fork upstream into their own working tree. they develop and do their deeds there. then they send a pull request to upstream, asking them to pull in the changes in a branch of their working tree. every single change to e.g. xbmc is developed in this way (with some very few 'no-brainer' exceptions)
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First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
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Believe it or not, I was in earnest when I first suggested this idea. I arrived at that conclusion after seeing several posts on many of the lists on this forum, describing very ingenious and creative ideas. These ideas, however, did not take off (i.e. were very seldom discussed) and ended up falling by the wayside. I thought at the time, which in retrospect was quite naïve, that creating a place where those ideas could be showcased and discussed (even before they are taken up by a developer and any code is written) could provide the XBMC foundation with a chance to nurture the next disruptive technology. Who knows, even become one of the very few self-funded open source projects.

Case in point, Plex inc will very soon either be acquired by one of the tech majors (facebook, google, amazon, netflix,etc.) or VCs will shower them with enough money and make it the next Facebook, Twitter, Netflix or Google. Either way, Elan Feingold will be hailed as a true visionary, hair to Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Not to mention several hundred million of dollars in his bank account.

It would have been a different outcome if the XBMC foundation had a mechanism to channel and harvest these ideas, exploit it and feed back its products to the community. If this had been so, the XBMC foundation would have been on its way to becoming self-funding, and an incubator of the next wave of disruptive technologies.

But you guys are right. The way things are,they work just fine.
The fact that you mean what you're saying actually makes it worse.
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The case for (or against) an Experimental Branch11