TV shows not getting new NFOs, other issues
Been using EMM for years but recently have been having big problems and not sure what is going on.

I have been using EMM since I think before 1.3.14 thru the beta and still having issues.

Here is my understanding from literally hours of searching the forums for this issue for how TV shows work.

First just for anyone else reading, here is how I thought it worked....which I think is wrong.

After setup and scraping everything for TV shows and all that, about once a week I would come in and update, which would show me new folders for tv shows that had not been in the database, then I would scrape those shows and correct the TVDB entries or whatever and they would then appear.

I thought when I updated the library, it would find new episodes of TV shows that currently exist in the database and add the appropriate nfos to those. If in the update it detected a new folder, i would have to rescrape that to get the info.


I think from reading the forums that is incorrect. I think when you update the database, it goes thru and reads all the nfos, but I think you have to rescrape TV show episodes that were not added when the original show was added/ like currently running tv shows. Obviously something like seinfeld which has been on for years should have all the episodes in the first scrape, but for instance Falling skies, which just started a new season, if you added a new episode and it did not exist at the last scrape of the tv show (which would be at least a year ago for me) it would not show up in the database until you rescraped the show.

So basically I THINK that means that I need to rescrape any current shows to get the new episodes correct. I have tried both 1.3.20 and the most recent beta (i started from scratch and did not copy my 1.3 database) and from what I see, it does not recognize the new episodes without at least a scrape of the season.

For example. About a boy showed several episodes with the correct titles, I had added some episodes since the last time I scraped the show and in the box they showed up under season one as

5 About a Plumber
6 About a Buble
7 About a Poker night

About a Boy S01E08
About a Boy S01E09
About a Boy S01E10

BEFORE I rescraped

If I reloaded the show or season, it would not detect that I had the new shows until I rescrape it, then it would change those episodes to the correct title and have them appear and create the NFOs for them. That appears to be how it works, Right? So first problem is that when I rescrape, it overwrites all the NFOs in the folder, not just adding the new episodes. It seems to do this every time I rescrape a show, even though all the nfos have been created by EMM. If I wait five minutes and rescrape the show again, all the nfos are again rewritten. That doesn't seem to be the way it should work....

So here is my real problem, it is not only with the TV show Maron, but that is a good representation....

Maron just started the second season, I changed my setup as before I had the first season just in the maron directory.
With the start of the new season, the shows were moved into folders season 1and seaon 2 (I used filebot as renamer).

Since I knew I had new shows, I rescraped the show all went well until recently.
in my season 2 shows I currently have episodes 1,2,3,4,5,7

No matter how many times I rescrape, it will not pickup episode7, I am guessing because eps 6 is missing, but again, that should not work that way. I have not YET deleted it from the database and readded it to see if that fixes it because I thought I would leave it as is in case anyone wants the logs or something. I know in several cases it says to do that to remedy weird issues, but that sometimes does not fix the problem for me.

So right now in my listing for Maron, it shows season 2 as
...prior episodes
4 The Mom Situation
5 Boomer Lives

6 Nostalgic Sex Buddy
7 Marc's Family
8 Mouth Cancer Gig
9 Yoga Teacher
and so on

Episode 7 is in the directory but no amount of rescraping, both show or season will pick it up
It is named as all the others in the directory as

Maron - S02E07 - Marc's Family.mkv

I do not have episode 8 on up yet.

So my questions and comments are.
1. Is it a bug that it always recreates a new NFO every time the show is scraped for all shows? That does not seem to make any sense.

2. Do I understand how it works correctly as far as tv show nfo creation works?

3. If I am correct that you need to rescrape every time new episodes are added to get them to show up and create the nfos, is there any way to have EMM tell us that it detected something new? Otherwise I have to keep it in my memory which shows I added and rescrape them in order for the nfos to show up. I have it set to mark new shows, but that only seems to find new shows, not new episodes and if its a busy week in recording, heck there could be 20 new episodes of shows I put into the database, I am sure to forget something.

4. I am not sure, but it seems like something has changed, in the past, I had other issues, but I seem to think that all I needed to do was use the update data button and if the show existed, everything was updated. I might be wrong but has something major changed in how that whole things works or did I just not notice that my show episodes were not being detected.

Sorry for the longwindedness, but there are many different threads that talk about nfos and I did not see it laid out so we could completely understand how it is supposed to work. I will gladly write it up in the wiki once my questions are answered.

Thanks for continually updated and working on this software. BTW, this happens on different computers with the settings copied, I tried it on a laptop and 2 desktops running windows 8 and the same behavior happens. and I did perform all the fixes in the beta thread (on the first pages anyway, I did not read all 60 pages

Thanks in advance for any help!

I know, it's a little mess how it's working atm.

1. Rescraping: This works properly. Rescraping means rescraping. Get new/latest database state from TVDB, downloading the ZIP file from TVDB and rewrite all NFO's. This make sense, but it's a bad solution to (only) update new episodes. I have added "Update Informations", but this is the same solution without image selecting.

2. I think you have understood correctly.
This works as follows:
- Update Database: Ember search new epsiode files and ignore files that already exist in the database
- If a NFO for a epsiode is existing, Ember will use that
- If no NFO existing, Ember check the Temp folder if any information is available in the already downloaded TVDB ZIP file -> if no information found, Ember use the episode filename for the list (About a Boy S01E09) / if an information found, Ember will use it to create the NFO and episode poster

We are working on a better solution.
Maybe i have found a working solution...
Glad at least I kinda understand whats going on, I am sure I am not the only one who didn't quite get what was happening.

I can't quite see why the Maron issue happens because it has the latest info, it shows the title of the show in the list but it does not detect it as an episode or write the nfo.

I am free to test out anything you come up with, I test out lots of things but didn't post in the past because i either didn't have enough info or time to do it.

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