Artwork Downloader Settings [SOLVED]

I'm trying to figure out how to add extra fanarts to my shows - this appears to happen through "artwork downloader" and the wiki for it says there's options to grab new artwork vs using local etc etc. i imagine this would pop up different large backgrounds (or function like a slideshow) when you highlight a show - but maybe that thought is incorrect.

anyways, i'm confused because i'm not seeing how to get to these options to set which options you want to get the artwork downloader to grab images for you. it says it's in addons settings but i can't even find the app there (i have verified under programs that it's installed), can someone give me the EXACT path they take to get to the settings for this?

From the home window, you will have a 'add-on' button,(perhaps you need to turn this on in skin settings?) that should open up icons for various program add-ons, one of which should be Artwork Downloader at whihc point the keyboard 'c' command will be bring up the add-on settings menu (right mouse click with the icon in focus also does this task)

Your first paragraph is essentially correct, using extrafanart produces images in an extrafanart folder, and rotates the images when the target folder is in focus. You do need to turn on 'use extrafanart 'in the skin, ditto for logo's, disc art, and season posters.
thanks... i was getting extra dumb and didn't realize i could right click those menus. i can access the options now.

that being said when i click it, it doesn't seem to run anything new. i tried adding "extrafanart" folders to a few places within a folder with media - after turning on the extrafanart option (the root of a show, within a season of a show...)... and nothing happens. it comes up eventually (with no action on my part) and a message that says "download aborted" with a 0 downloads tally. something i'm missing? my shows do have artwork and metadata, so it's not like it's nothing... i'd just like to enable a few different shots, or different art per season or something like that.

usually when i click it it just does nothing. it comes up and says "searching for artwork" and then nothing happens.
realized it was doing nothing since it was working in the background... i turned off the search for movie data so it would jump right to TV stuff, and it seems to have pulled a bunch..

new fun issue: it's made xbmc refresh awkwardly a bunch (seemingly when trying to rotate fanart) - but the fanart itself doesn't actually rotate. see attached for a log of first just trying to navigate the show (30 rock) that has extra fanart, where it's choking up a bunch (cpu usage high... it's not a powerful machine), then i ran the fanart script just to have it in the log. it was taking a long time to run this though so i did cut it short. can provide a full run of that if necessary.

thanks for your help already though, you've answered my immediate problem of course right away - now i assume there's just some tweaking to do.
Set AD to not work in the background, then you can see it's efforts... takes while to scrape & download. I noticed you have some rar archive issues "game.of.thrones.s03e08.720p.hdtv.x264-evolve.rar/f" whihc can cause no end of issues. I should have mentioned even when it isn't obvious, that extrafanart needs to be cached etc... so if you don't limit the artwork, let's say you have 10 backgrounds 1920 x 1080 for each movie and 100 moives in a folder...... they all have to be handled in memory to get smooth action, large gfx memory, fast SSD, fast GPU, and while we're at it cutting edge CPU; so you get the picture.... more goodies, more hardware.

A bunch of stuff is tripping up on your naming convention, I suggest for drag & drop simplicity. Flesh those rar files or re-encode them with code that XBMC will handle without issues.Further errors with AD should be taken over to the Artwork Downloader forum.
Yes - I definitely have some naming issues still lying around... I'm trying to do a bit of everything at once, there are definitely areas of my library that need cleaning.

Like I said it does seem to have run successfully for a number of shows, though I didn't initially realize it was doing it.

Caching of artwork makes sense, I'm sure that's what I'm stumbling over. xbmc with normal amounts of artwork works fine though- I did set it to maximum of 5 artworks but it's still quite a few shows that I had it download for... I'm running this on an eeebox pc with 1.86 GHz Atom D2550 and integrated Nvidia GeForce 610M graphics, I assume that'll never be enough to run "extrafanart" properly for all shows.

if that assumption is true, is there an easy way to reverse the download process that I just did so that i'm not killing the cache? or should i just go back through my folders and delete the "extrafanart" folder in each one?
I see you have your hands full Smile

Yes when I saw the processor you had, I knew instantly your system would be challenged. Your extrafanart folder is ignored if you set the skin to ignore it. I use it when others like to see the full slide show, but for myself... surfing is just plain faster without a huger cache load (this is also true for themes and audio extras), I have an i7 cpu with a AMD 5770 1 gb gfx card and I can get it to stumble. Keep in mind I do love AD, but save the eye candy for visitors.

To clean up images that don't get used in your thumbnail library, check out the program thumbnail cleaner, it will bring that just installed feel back.
Yeah... It's been years since I've done any major cleaning and organizing and my shows have really degenerated in structure. I had an old unraid permissions issue that prevented me from properly modifying things which i finally got around to fixing...

And - OK! At least I know what the problem is, and that's fine. I just thought some extra art would be nice, didn't think about the caching ramifications.

I'll give that program a whirl and report back if I have any major issues, thanks for the help!
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