setting up a uPNP audio device in Gotham

i just bought a device that I was hoping could pick up audio output from XBMC. The idea is to use it like an airplay device but use uPNP instead, so I can play wirelessly from XBMC and it will pick up the signal and play through hi-fi.

I've downloaded the lastest Gotham nightly and it appears in the context menu under the 'play to' option. but then won't start....

So I'm not sure if XBMC really has this feature implemented yet. Can anyone clarify the status on this or let me know if I'm doing something wrong?

device is Arcam Airdac

to maybe clarify, what I'm trying to do is send music from the xbmc wirelessly to the airdac. In the terminology used by XBMC the airdac is a 'uPnP renderer' and XBMC itself is a 'uPNP server'. So question is, how to create a connection between the two, ideally so the airdac is effectively just the default audio device.

This is discussed in the wiki in section 2 on this wikipage though they mention it in relation to video. This is the process I've followed so far but am just getting an error message. happy to post a error log if anyone can help on that but before so doing am just wondering if anyone knows some other way of setting up a uPNP renderer device?

thanks a lot.
Xbmc's version of "play using" it's incredibly unstable, finicky, and doesn't work well with any other device other than xbmc at the moment.

The wiki has been updated to reflect this. I don't suspect this will change until next year.
hmm. yeah seems so. i guess this technology isn't too widespread at the moment (though I notice my fairly basic android phone has uPnP equivalent to Airplay with stock software, so imagine it's not that hard to implement).

but even if somehow this is immediately doable, this still would be some way short of being able to set the airdac (i.e. uPnP renderer) as the default audio device, which is really the desired solution. I'll see if there's any other ways to fix this out there, but maybe I'll have to trade in this bit of gear for something that has wires and more traditional things like USB. shame!

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setting up a uPNP audio device in Gotham00