derp - how to change library source
Till now I had one drive with tv and movies on it. I just got a second and moved all TV shows over to it. I'm using the skin aeon nox and I'm not quite sure how to select the folder on the new drive and how to deselect the folder on the older drive.

What's the best way to do this? I've tried searching and haven't seen much information on it, which is surprising.
The problem with this is that you would have to hack the XBMC database to redirect the paths it has stored because XBMC stores explicit paths to each media item that it has imported.

You don't really want to go there, so the best thing to do in this situation is:

1. Export all artwork and metadata into your media folders, and optionally your watched statuses too (see AdvancedSettings.xml for the right switch).

2. Drop your existing sources and tell XBMC to remove all items in those sources when it asks.

3. Run a "Clean Library" from the Settings -> Video options to get XBMC to cleanup it's database and remove all items that it can no longer find.

4. Add your sources again from the new locations and import your media again. If you did point 1 properly and exported everything, the fresh import should be fairly quick because most of the artwork and metadata should be scraped from your local storage and NOT from the internet again.

If you follow that procedure, you are guaranteed that everything will work properly and XBMC will find everything correctly.
HOW-TO:Backup the video library (wiki)
You could always "export as single file", and replace the old paths with the new, with a text editor in the videodb.xml file (it will be in the root of your export folder). Then clean your library (after removing old source) before importing the database. Just make sure the "new" path in the videodb.xml file, is identical to the one newly added as a source in XBMC (in case you can access the source through multiple routes/accounts etc). I just went this route recently, worked out fine for me.

You might also want to take a look at step 5 in the link Ned Scott provided above - performing this will also import your previous watched statuses and resume points. Should go without saying, it need to be done before importing the modified database.
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