Anyway to Add artist pictures offline (music) ????
I have tried my best to try to add artist pic offline programs to edit mp3 tags ,picture renames etc
Is their anyway to add artist pictures offline by tags, folder structures, picture renames etc to be detected and added by offline scrappers or to correct mismatched pictures of artists Huh
If not could this be added in future releases of offline music scrappers for example rename pic in directory of artist to artist.jpg and this detected auto by scrapper Huh
Thanks alot
local pics make the assumption


it will look for


ie. in the deepest common path of all albums from an artist.
and unfortunately, that is the only local method other than manual selection via the album info gui. The other option is to upload your artwork to and scrape from there. The advantage is it will remain available to yourself and others, the downside is it takes extra effort to properly format the art to the specific required parameters.
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Anyway to Add artist pictures offline (music) ????00