Playing from 'Videos' Sends to Edit Movie Title [Solved]

So I like to utilize a "dump" folder for newly downloaded files, which is sometimes movies, sometimes TV, sometimes other things... but ultimately it's just one messy folder that XBMC won't like. That's fine... but when I go to folder navigation it just keeps prompting me to rename the file, after it does something where it queries the movie database (regardless of whether it's a TV show or movie, etc)

I've been accessing this from the videos - file/library option, which enables me to see what's in each of my shares. I would assume that I could just click the files here in order to have them play, despite them not otherwise being recognized by xbmc as a specific show or movie and such. Is that not the case? is there a setting that I have to uncheck? please see log below if it helps, and otherwise if I'm going about viewing these files let me know!

I'm obviously new and having all kinds of issues. 3rd post in three days I think but thanks all for your ongoing support!
XBMC -> Settings -> Videos -> File lists -> Default select action.

It's probably set to Info rather than Play.
Couldn't you set the content on the dump folder to "None" and "Exclude selected folder from scans"?
@ned scott - that DOES do the trick, but I like it to show the episode info before playing; so-

@helta, would setting the content this way enable that as kind of an override to that process? how do I set the content up differently?
note, i did figure out on my very own how to edit the content to exclude it; but that problem remains if you leave the default select action to "show info."

Can anyone think of a way to edit sources so that this way of selecting would work by folder? reading the wiki it looks like maybe i could do it with different user accounts, but that would probably be a bit frustrating to switch back and forth constantly. trying to maintain just one user account.
Videos -> Files -> select your folder: Right-click, change content. Performing the proposed settings, will exclude that folder (and any subfolders(?)) from contents scraping. If you're suggesting some kind of automatic "on demand" scraping, per file in "Video->Files" view - I'm not quite sure this is possible.
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nah, I'm not trying to get it to perform on demand scraping, just trying to get it so that I can have it open the files that are in certain folders, instead of "view details" for them. That being said I can just map a right click button to my TV remote and do things that way, by selecting play option. just didn't know if there was an OS level way to do it.
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