Solved Musicbrainz Picard Tagging Issues.... Solved Finally?
Hey yall,

I know there have been a lot of people confused about how *perfectly* tagged files from Picard are not showing up correctly in XBMC. After recently trying to solve an issue with a fellow member on the boards here, I've finally figured out at least 1 major issue that could be the source of your frustration.

First here are my settings in XBMC:

Here WERE my tag settings from Picard:

And this was the result in XBMC with an MP3 album that had featuring artists.

I'm sure a lot of you have been dealing with that...... arghhhh!

After messing around a bit, I changed my Picard settings to the following (change the ID3v2 version to 2.4).Image

And here is the result in XBMC:

Well I'll be damned.......

(post continued below due to image limit)

So why is this happening? Lets fire up MP3Tag to see the differences on one of the tracks with a featuring artist,

Here is the output from my old Picard settings:

Notice how the "MUSICBRAINZ ARTIST ID" has the artist id's separated with a "/". Even if you manually change it to a " / " (space / space) XBMC will not scrape this correctly, nor will it scrape correctly if you change the "Artist" tag to "112 / Mase".

Now lets have a look at the tags of the ID3v2 2.4 tags:

Now notice how the "MUSICBRAINZ ARTIST ID" are on seperate lines....... BINGO. That's the key.

Here is the XBMC output:

Thank goodness!

In conclusion:
Picard inherently tags ID3v2 2.3 tags in a format that is incompatible with XBMC as it stands right now.

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