Solved Musicbrainz Picard Tagging Issues.... Solved Finally?
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Hi Helta

Great post and work around, thank you. The problem I have is that I really do not want to have to use 2.4 just for XBMC. I'm currently re-tagging my whole music collection with MB Picard, and so this time tagging in a way that will suit long term, and for use with different media players/editors. I'm tagging then in a 'standardized' way to suit the majority of players so as I don't have to re-tag again when I decide to use a different media player in the future. I know I know that there is no 100% standardized way, but certain things like the semicolon to separate 2.3 multi value tags seems to work in many different players/editors, at least the ones I've tested so far, such as MediaMonkey, fb2k, MP3tag and XBMC (via advancedsettings.xml).

Today I updated from Eden to Gotham (LONG overdue!) to check newly MB tagged MP3's, and sure enough I discovered the same problem that you now fixed... but as mentioned, I really do not want to use 2.4 at this point. As such I've spent this afternoon, trying every combination to get your end results without needing to use 2.4, combinations that you have probably already tried, and of course I failed. I though having changed the separator to "; " in advancedsettings.xml this would work, and while this does work for other tags, it doesn't seem to work for separating artist.

Just before giving up, I thought I'd give that latest Kodi nightly a try ( KodiSetup-20141109-4df0ac9-master), and would you 'Adam & Eve' it, it works with 2.3! Didn't even have to add advancedsettings.xml. Big thanks to jmarshall and team for adding different separators possibilities! Big Grin

Here's my MB settings, with installed which gives you the option to choose which separator to use (Join multiple ID3v2 tags with).

MB Settings

ID3 v2.3 tagged track

ID3 v2.3 - Kodi with "Override song tags with online information" turned ON

ID3 v2.3 - Kodi with "Override song tags with online information" turned OFF

With "Override song tags.." turned on, all songs feat. Faith Evans for example will appear under one artist 'Faith Evens'. Having "Override song tags.." turned off, as you can see, creates separate entries for feat artists, but still populates artwork for the featured artists. I like this as it means when listening to a particular artist, I will only be listening to their actual songs. I think I will prefer this as often when an artist is features on another's song, sometimes it can be very short, so for the most part you are listening to another artist when you only really wanted to listen to that specific artist you selected to listen to. [/align]

To be honest though I'm still not sure of any further implications of having "Override song tags with online information" turned off? After googling I'm still not 100% sure exactly what it does? I know it uses the MBID's, but is this for simply updating purposes? It mentions in the settings that it 'will overrride anything you have set in your song tags'. Really wouldn't want that, unless it's overriding from the MD database? And if a track has already been tagged via Picard, why would it need overriding?

I know in the above example it uses the 'MusicBrainz Artist Id' to separate artist, but then when this is turned off, how does Kodi, or perhaps Universal Scraper, identify the correct artwork for tracks with featured artists?

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