Solved Musicbrainz Picard Tagging Issues.... Solved Finally?
Kodi does now separate feat artist with override turn on for ID3 v2.3, as seen in my first Kodi image above. That was the main reason for my post, although admittedly I do tend to go 'around the houses' before getting to my point! Big Grin

It appears you can use different separators for MBID's and Kodi will recognize them, but if you want to use a different separator (like semicolon) for other tags such as genre, you still need to use advancedsettings.xml.

scott967 - Thanks for explaining the process! I kinda got my head around it now. Never knew MP3 tagging could get so complex! For some reason I was thinking this option would 'overwrite' tags, where as it's just overriding then (it was a long day!). Just to confirm, there is no way Kodi can overwrite tags is there? What about Universal Scraper? Where is that info stored please?

For anyone else wondering then, for what I can figure in my examples above, the 'Override song tags with online information' in summary does this...

OFF = Kodi will read 'Artist' tag.
ON = Kodi will read MusicBrainz Artist Id

Still wondering though, with the option turned OFF, how did Kodi/Universal Scraper identify and use the correct artwork for the featured artists? This wasn't due to leftovers as I deleted music database before re-scanning for each test. Perhaps the 'artists' tag has something to do with it? Noticed that in MB Picard. I'm sure it's a new additional. Asked in Picard forum, but no one is quite sure how this is used. If media players could use this, then there would be no need to use MB artist ID as it seems to be a duplicate.

zag - Thank you. I'm aware of that plugin and the various others like it, but I'm opting to keep featured artists as Picard default. One good reason for keeping as is, is for those players that do not support MBID's, such as MediaMoneky, where these featured artists will still show up in results search. I know the plugin you use moves feat artist to the comments, but I'm already copying 'Mood's to comments so I can create smartplay lists based on these in Kodi.

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