Solved Musicbrainz Picard Tagging Issues.... Solved Finally?
(2014-11-10, 19:07)jackhulk Wrote: scott967 - Thanks for explaining the process! I kinda got my head around it now. Never knew MP3 tagging could get so complex! For some reason I was thinking this option would 'overwrite' tags, where as it's just overriding then (it was a long day!). Just to confirm, there is no way Kodi can overwrite tags is there? What about Universal Scraper? Where is that info stored please?

For anyone else wondering then, for what I can figure in my examples above, the 'Override song tags with online information' in summary does this...

OFF = Kodi will read 'Artist' tag.
ON = Kodi will read MusicBrainz Artist Id

Still wondering though, with the option turned OFF, how did Kodi/Universal Scraper identify and use the correct artwork for the featured artists?

1. Kodi doesn't touch tags. All you do is affect what is stored in the music library.

2. If MBID is provided in tags, it is used for scraping all the "additional details" about an artist or album, that is, what isn't obtained from tags such as artwork, moods, year formed, bio, etc. If MBID is not provided, scraper attempts to get the MBID fby querying MB with the text artist name / album. But in this case I don't think it saves the MBID in the library (would have to go back and experiment on this point though).

3. The problem with MP3 files is that the "normal" tagging format is ID3v1 and ID3v2.3. ID3v1 is pretty much ignored these days. v2.3 has a problem in that there wasn't much allowance for multiple entries in tags. The only ones in the spec are for artist and composer, and it is required that the separator is "/". This creates the so-called "AC/DC" problem where "/" can't be used in an artist name because it is interpreted as a multi-artist. Since there isn't any standard for multi-entries in other tags, each tag software and reader uses its own invented standard. XBMC/Kodi uses " / " by default (can be changed in advancedsettings. The problem is, that doesn't help in artist tag since most tag writers/editors won't allow " / " in the artist tag as it is contrary to the standard. ID3 v2.4 gets around this by using a non-printing character as a tag separator for any tag, so it is possible to simply tell XBMC/Kodi to use that and it should be compatible with the music library and also tagging software. Unfortunately, reading of 2.4 tags isn't widespread so if you use other players they might not understand the 2.4 tags.

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