Windows - how to show 2 subtitle in same time?

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sugiberkat Offline
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Video  how to show 2 subtitle in same time?
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I want to show 2 language sub title in same time,
example in upper screen position English language and below position indonesian language
So I can l see the movie and learn English in same time

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JigAma Offline
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Even if it was possible
You couldn't read the 2 subtitles at the same time.
If you want to learn english by subtitles, You should watch the media with Indonesian subtitles, then rewatch it with English subtitles (Because you'll know what happen in the episode)
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Wanilton Offline
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Yes, it´s possible, use this service:

you have this:

[Image: BUYYy3c.jpg]

MediaBrazil forum - Youtube Channel
Windows 10 - Kodi 18 Leia - Aeon MQ8 - 0.7.0 - Aeon MQ Team
Wanilton Website - MarcosQui Website

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giovanni326 Offline
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Of course it is possible, but if you want to learn, i agree with JigAma, that is not the best way. You should try something diferent.
But anyway, if you want, just google it, i found that on google...I can't post links so I can't help you here, but try to find it by yourself.
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Danny3 Offline
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It would be great if Kodi would natively support this for two reasons
1. Checking and improving your understanding of a foreign language, like for example after finishing a course on that language on Duolingo
2. It would make possible to watch a movie together with friends from abroad
Right now I can't do that with my italian friends and my parents, I can't find a comon language that they both could understand
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z3us Offline
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My chinese girlfriend and me (spanish guy) support this request
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salanding Offline
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WOW, a great idea, show 2 subtitle in the same time, one title up and the other down, but how about all these 2 titles at the buttom of the screen?
I want to know the answer, any kind friend could explain for me?
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abboseo Offline
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