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Remote Server Shutdown
just as a thought, i'd love to be able to shutdown my media server from the xbmc ui.

most of my media sits on a network server and i'd like to be able to shut it down when i'm gonna crash without having to log in remotely.

a nice feature would be if it were possible to define an ip address (or list of) to which a network shutdown notification could be sent, maybe on same button group as shutdown/restart/dashboard/sysinfo.

those asking for sleep functionality might also want to have the option of adding this as a switch, ie send shutdown notification to media server and then shut down xbmc.

still loving the app btw, you lovely, clever people :thumbsup:
there's a script that does this. check for shutdownpclan i think it's called.
For python coding questions first see
hey zoglet -

may i suggest another, potentially better, alternative :

at home i have 3 xboxs, all of which are connected to a "media server" pc which is basically a pc with lots of storage.
what i have done is set that pc's power saving options so the hd individually power-down after 5 idle minutes and the machine itself goes into hibernation after 15 minutes.

the great thing about this setup is that whenever i am using one of the xboxs at one of the rooms it automatically wakes up the "media server" pc and plays whatever it is i wanted to play. but when i am done, 15 minutes later the pc simply goes to sleep.

this option saves you the need to turn the pc on everytime you want to playback something.

pm me if you want more specifics.

hope this helps,
both good options, thanks guys, checking em out tonight.

colour me embarrased for not knowing / checking xbmc scripts. a new universe of tinkering awaits.

thanks also for offering help, i'll be fine with powermgt setup but not sure if it's suitable for my current scenario. i only have the one pc which currently acts as my temp storage space for unwatched vids. as this is also my games machine and my stare blankly at stuff machine, i don't like to use the power saving options to squeak out best performance (damn battlefield2, lol ;o)

i agree that a standalone fileserver/nas solution would be cool and will be an ultimate goal but at the mo i just want to switch off my pc as i'm drifting off to sleep without getting outta bed, lol.

again thanks for responding guys

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