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New website launched tonight for media Icons :)
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website :

information : quick intro, theres a fairly large topic in the x-s/xbmc forums that was started by a guy named "imamafackinhokie" with some icons he has done for xbox games, it got pretty popular and turned into a place where ppl can make requests and the icon would get created by him and the users... people helped with creating icons for emulator, tv shows, dvd icons, etc... well i thought it would be a great idea creating a website where people can download any icons they wish...if its not there, they can request it, and it can be filled by anybody, a place to search in sections, download individual icons, etc. so i threw the idea by imamafackinhokie and a week later, with help from me, anon, & mostly imamafackinhokie, the website is up & running Smile

the site includes :
4,000+ dvd icons
1,000+ xbox game icons (xbox games, arcade games, etc)
100+ application icons (apps, emulators, etc)
100+ general purpose icons (tv show seasons, etc)

the only thing we ask of you is that no one downloads the entire set of albums as a zip, if you really want all icons, please send me a pm and i have no problem burning and mailing you a cd, or finding another alternative for you.

i know no one has all of these icons nor needs them, thats why the search feature which is on the left hand side of the website is a great feature.

please read the faq's and the news on the front page for getting started.

again this is still under development by myself, ayan, and imamafackinhokie.

there are known issues to the site, such as we can't create users yet, no uploading of files directly, and no forums, but imamafackinhokie is working on correcting these problems. another thing, is that the site will more than likely slow down a lot over the next few days because of people connecting and downloading, but imamafackinhokie has contacted his provider and they said they will work on the problem.

hopefully this will provide a more centralized and easier way of contributing and distributing game and dvd icons. i hope you guys enjoy the work myself, imamafackinhokie and ayan put into this.

also please be sure to leave us some feedback on the site (on the feedback link, so we know what to fix, change, add, remove, etc.)

great site!! :thumbsup:

thank you for your effort.
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just trying to help out Smile

we'll be improvement the site as much as we can, so input is apreciated, thx scape Smile

nice site!
but it runs not very fast..
how awesome would it be if xbmc could use this to retrieve icons like it does with imdb data etc.
yeah that would be awesome!
i second that, i think it would be great to have an option "grab music from imdb/allmusic or grab from this new site. a radio button. i guess it would work once the site had matured and was stable.
nice job on the website guys.
freddo/shaneuk ya that'd be neat to be able to do that... so you dont have to pick individually each icon if u have a big collection Smile

we are open to any idea's so if that is something xbmc would like, im sure it woulndn't be a problem

again this is the beginning, the website was done extremely fast (thx to imamafackinhokie!Wink so now there is only improvement that will come Smile

a python script is in the works, and should be released late next week. :kickass:
did that python script ever get released?

I've also started a site for media icons:

The goal of the site is to create a collection of language neutral icons that are legible even at smaller sizes.

Also, it would be great to get this integrated into xbmc so you can load the icons automatically.
emp3r0r Wrote:did that python script ever get released?


I've made this Script months ago and have sent it to imamafakinhoakie (I dont think that I spelled the name correct Wink ) but it never appeared on the page.
I only released it on a german xbmc-page because its still a little buggy.
If you are interestet I can release it on or upload it here.
sure, can you post a link too?

I've uploaded it to my webserver for now.
XBMC Icons
I hope it works but I think it should.

I will also upload it to the next days.
If the downloaded Icons are not shown you have to manually delete the thumbnails in UserData.
I was not able to add this function in the Script.
I've added support for wide icons to You can change the style to wide at the top of the web page. So far, we have batch loaded 400 icons and plan to add another 900 wide icons that the community created.

Eventually we will load all the tilted box icons too.


New website launched tonight for media Icons :)00