is it possible to have multi m3u or group them?
hi guys ive been using livetv section with IPTVSimple PVR-addon for a while now and have collected a bunch of free channels i like to watch..

i want to try customize it a little and was wondering if the following is possible.

I want to try group my channels example; news, sports, movies etc coz my list is getting a little long now..

if possible i want to be able to group them, or i can make a separate m3u for each one.

is it possible to either group or add multiple lists, like in livestream were each xml if its own group.

thanks in advance, I hope there is a solution Smile

I found this in another post
Quote:#EXTM3U tvg-shift=3
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="Historia" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 1",Historia
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="CuatroHD" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 1",CuatroHD

but it just labels them as normal..

I then tried editing it and changing #EXTINF:-1 to #EXTINF:-2 and group to group 2 as shown below but still no difference..

Quote:#EXTM3U tvg-shift=3
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="Historia" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 1",Historia
#EXTINF:-2 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="CuatroHD" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 2",CuatroHD
I saw in the last quote that you used"Group 1" and"Group 2". That should be enough. No changing #EXTINF:-1 to #EXTINF:-2 necessary. Call one part of you m3u playlist "Group 1" and the other part "Group 2" (or whatever you like). You should be able to switch group now.
thanks Gregoire ill give that a try..

appreciate the help mate Smile
Read here for more info
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Hi guys im still trying to get this group thing working but it doesnt seem to want to work.. I followed the steps u all advised in this post and even followed the link provided by maniac..

just to confirm that we are talking about the same thing..

What i am trying to do is, when u open livetv on xbmc, it will have the group names in channel list, so for example; group one will be movies, then when u click on movies group, it will take u to another page with movie 1, movie 2, movie 3 etc

then say group 2 is sports
and the same as above, once u open sports it will show u all the sports channels..

so initial live tv channels page will just have movies, sports, entertainment, news., then in each one it will have the corresponding channels..

my m3u now looks like this below, but when i go to live tv, it still has them listed one channel after the other and they are not grouped

#EXTM3U tvg-shift=3
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id1" tvg-name="HBO" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="MOVIES",HBO
http://hbo stream link
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id1" tvg-name="HBO2" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="MOVIES",HBO2
http://hbo 2 stream link
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="BBC" tvg-logo="logo2" group-title="NEWS",BBC
http://BBC stream link

I also tried like this but still cant get it to work, it only displays the channels one after the other as it would if you just did a normal playlist without grouping them..
#EXTM3U tvg-shift=3
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id1" tvg-name="hbo" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 1",hbo
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id1" tvg-name="hbo2" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 1",hbo2
http://stream link

#EXTM3U tvg-shift=3
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="bbc" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 2",bbc
http://stream link
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="nbc" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 2",nbc
http://stream link

could someone please duplicate what I am trying to do and post it, that way i can just edit it with the correct channel names etc..
all i need is a working m3u showing 2 groups and then ill be able to edit and add more..

I think it's not possible the way you described, but you can always load a different group from a same file.
It only works in a different way.
Open Live tv ( all channels will load = photo 1 )
Bring up sidebar (photo 2) and tap-click on TV channels.
Every time you tap-click on it a new group will load (photo 3)

hi hija sorry mate i cant view your screen shots, they are too small, no option to enlarge well without zoom and then its all blurred Sad

BUT it does sound good at its better then having say 100 channels in a row..

could u please explain how to do this please.



its ok i got it working, its the same code i posted above but to view the groups i have to view the way u showed in ss...
so i had it the whole time just didnt know how to view it lol..
awesome thanks
You're welcome m8. Glad you sorted out.

Sorry for ss pictures.

You can also change:
Font colour ( see photos )
Bold ( group name )
Italic ( Tvsh Albania = first channel in photo 1 )


You may wish to use this utility to cusomize Your playlists
It has multi playlists support, grouping and sorting features.
are you guys still a live ?!?! i have the same problem and links or pics not working hier.

please help

Edit: hurra hurra hurra

i found a solution and its AWESOME

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is it possible to have multi m3u or group them?0
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