Super Turbo settings Raspberry Pi
(2014-07-04, 14:41)FAMMAR Wrote: "I'm surprised your sdram is so high without overclocking sdram. but if its working then no need to bump that up"

So I can safetly try?:


yes try them and see

(2014-07-04, 14:42)popcornmix Wrote:
(2014-07-04, 14:33)MediaPi Wrote: disable_pvt=1

Any reason for adding this?
The sdram spec says that sdram refresh needs to be done at a certain rate, and this depends on temperature.
PVT measures the chip temperature periodically (every 2 seconds I think) and adjusts the sdram refresh.

If you disable PVT, then a fixed, more pessamistic refresh is used, so it could hurt performance.

I think the overhead of a high refresh vs a low refresh is about 2%, so probably not noticeable, but I'm interested to know why it was added.

first a disclaimer. the reasons are based on experience and nothing else. so I'm basically just experiementing and see what worked. but I can get sdram to 705 and if you set pvt to disbale then it worked. if I took it out then it didnt. my logic was that it was overstressing the sdram, but I did not know it could hurt performance. thanks Dom I'll try to take it out and see what happens. Also I used this thread awhile back that gave me the idea

post 220

Dom I would you mind trying my settings? I want your opinion if you see tangible performance increase. thanks and your the only person that can answer this. is there a limit to sdram?

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