Super Turbo settings Raspberry Pi
(2014-07-04, 14:52)popcornmix Wrote:
(2014-07-04, 14:16)MediaPi Wrote: Also popcornmix can you answer this question please. From testing there is def a limit to core=600 (any further and it defaults it to 500) but is there a limit to sdram? and if so what is it?

I think this limit has now gone. I did get a particularly fast Pi and went through the code increasing some of the sanity checks (back in April).
I believe I had:
working and actually using those frequencies. I think sdram_freq and core_freq limit is now 750MHz, and arm_freq is 1500MHz.

OMG that is IMPRESSIVE. wow this is so valuable information. It gives us a perspective on what a Pi can do. ofcourse it depends on each users Pi and what PSU they are using. but even to know that a Pi could theoretically have maximum 1250 arm is a guildline for the upper limit.

thankyou alot of this. and thankyou alot for confirming the upper limit of core and arm limits (although I would say its actually 1250 lol)

I'm real happy with arm=1100 and I think the majority of Pis out there can hit this so I think this should be standard lol

(2014-07-04, 14:55)FAMMAR Wrote:
(2014-07-04, 14:53)MediaPi Wrote: Fammar add this

if it doesnt work

Pi is working...what won't work if it's 4? How can I notice that?

I've got my sdram=600 to but I had to give more power to sdram (over_voltage_sdram=4) otherwise it just froze. If it freezes anytime then add


Personlly the only reason not to add over_voltage_sdram=4 is if your PSU can't provide that voltage and maintain it. but keep those settings.

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