[AirPlay][Warning] Don't update to iOS8 if you want AirPlay
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(2014-09-08, 17:52)Memphiz Wrote: The last statment of mine doesn't change until ios8 is released and jailbroken (because i will not install ios8 on my dev device before i would be able to also debug XBMC on it - which needs the jailbreak as you know).

Beside that - the first frame thingy from camera role is normal behaviour (the first "thumbnail" is transfered as picture - which means pictures will continue to work on iOS8 ...)
Just stumbled onto something that may show a glimmer of hope... Smile

iOS 8.0 running on my iPad 3 - like most other people XBMC (13.2) seems to show up only as an audio device now. Speculation has been cast about that iOS 8 no longer supports unencrypted Airplay video - this would appear to be untrue!

Today I've been testing Reflector 1.4.0 (which does work with iOS 8 and also supports mirroring) on my Windows 7 PC at work to see whether I could get them working together - eg Reflector takes over the full screen during airplay then goes into the background revealing XBMC when not in use...

During my testing I forgot to disable Airplay within XBMC. I also set a passcode of 12345 for Airplay within Reflector to prevent other people at work accidentally connecting while testing.. (yes it happens...)

I then connected to my PC using Airplay from the iPad - deliberately left the mirroring option off (even though it is visible to be selected as it normally is with Reflector) and imagine my surprise when the video appeared not using Reflector, but within XBMC! Big Grin

Youtube doesn't work of course, but I've tested it with video from the built in photos app and Instacast and both worked perfectly as they did pre-iOS8.

So does this mean it is an announcement problem, not an encryption problem ? Somehow Reflector is making the right announcements to make the iPad happy but it is connecting to XBMC instead of Reflector when they are both running on the same PC.

This puzzles me a little bit because I thought the Airplay announcements also advertise the port numbers that the Airplay receiver is listening for connections on ? Also why was it asking me to enter the pin when reflector was configured to require a pin but XBMC wasn't, yet the video then played through XBMC ?

One other thing I noticed - if I run XBMC only I see an audio only airplay device called XBMC (PCNAME) if I run Reflector only it is simply called PCNAME but always shows as a video device, and when both applications are running it is named XBMC (PCNAME) but always shows as a Video device. So some announcement that Reflector is sending is causing it to reliably show as a (mirroring capable) video device but it is NOT overriding the name that XBMC is advertising...

Not sure how to extract any more information out of my test setup but at least it does seem to show that XBMC can still receive unencrypted streamed video from an iOS device, it's possibly just an issue with the advertisements or initial handshake. (Perhaps Reflector is performing the initial handshake but the video stream is somehow being sent to XBMC)
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