[AirPlay][Warning] Don't update to iOS8 if you want AirPlay
Is there some way to disable XBMC's internally generated bonjour Airplay announcements whilst still leaving the Airplay service enabled, so that custom external annoucements can be sent with dns-sd for testing without clashing with the built in ones ? (In particular with the iOS 7 periodic update hack)

I'm seeing some unusual behaviour that looks like a tug of war between the two competing announcements (the name sometimes changes back and forth etc) so I'd like to try some fully custom announcements on their own without the built in ones interfering and confusing the issue.

Specifying the same port number as the real service (36667 instead of 7000) works a bit better:

dns-sd -R ITSUPPORT _airplay._tcp local 36667 deviceid=74D4355700E5 features=0x100029FF model=AppleTV3,1 pw=0 rmodel=PC1,1 srcvers=150.33

In this case when the name randomly flips over for a short time although the mirroring switch disappears airplay video continues to work, whereas with the wrong port number specified it would fail to connect when the name flipped over to just ITSUPPORT instead of XBMC (ITSUPPORT).

Setting the name exactly the same as XBMC's announcement doesn't seem to work at all however.

Edit: anyone else running windows who wants to try the above - open a command prompt window to run it in, change the name ITSUPPORT to a name that is similar to but different to the name that XBMC normally appears as on your iOS device, and change deviceid to the MAC address of your PC. I'd be interested to see if this works for anyone else on iOS 8.

When trying it make sure you don't turn on the screen mirroring toggle even though it will be available as screen mirroring is not supported.
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