[AirPlay][Warning] Don't update to iOS8 if you want AirPlay
(2014-09-22, 10:40)DBMandrake Wrote: My feeling is that Apple don't yet think the Airplay video protocol has sufficiently matured, and therefore don't want the burden of supporting the network/protocol API with 3rd party vendors yet, hence Airplay video has not been licensed to anybody at all yet. As long as the Apple TV is the only device to act as an Airplay receiver Apple controls both the client and server end and are able push the Airplay protocol development forward rapidly (dropping support for older versions of the protocol along the way) until they're happy with it.

Apple policy has always been about total control over the hardware/software landscape and the entire user experience.
Just like you can't plug any USB or Bluetooth devices to your iPhone.

If you want any hardware to work with your iPhone/iPad it must be approved by Apple. And not just the hardware, but your entire business plan.
In fact, Apple doesn't even want you to start working on your hardware until they have approved your business plan, the design, look and user experience of it..
It's all part of the "Made For iPod" program.

AirPlay devices also fall into that category (though it's a separate application to lodge after you've joined the Made For iPod)

(FWIW, I am a member of the Made For iPod, and the docs are all there. It's well documented actually)

But Apple won't even issue test keys unless your device has been approved and will only work with that particular device and with the iAP authentication chip you'll have to include in your design.

(2014-09-23, 16:29)DBMandrake Wrote: IIn this case when the name randomly flips over for a short time although the mirroring switch disappears airplay video continues to work, whereas with the wrong port number specified it would fail to connect when the name flipped over to just ITSUPPORT instead of XBMC (ITSUPPORT).

Setting the name exactly the same as XBMC's announcement doesn't seem to work at all however.

Edit: anyone else running windows who wants to try the above - open a command prompt window to run it in, change the name ITSUPPORT to a name that is similar to but different to the name that XBMC normally appears as on your iOS device, and change deviceid to the MAC address of your PC. I'd be interested to see if this works for anyone else on iOS 8.

When trying it make sure you don't turn on the screen mirroring toggle even though it will be available as screen mirroring is not supported.

The iPhone sees the device instantly as soon as you add the FairPlay bit in the "features" field (bit 2).
However, if you set it, you break Airplay audio, as then, no matter what you advertise in the RAOP service, it will use FairPlay DRM for audio
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