[AirPlay][Warning] Don't update to iOS8 if you want AirPlay
@jyavenard thx for joining the party Smile

I have updated my testdevice to ios8 and played a bit with the findings of DBMandrake. The linked testbuilds add an option "iOS8 compatibility mode". (only visible in expert settings level!).

This basically only changes the airplay announcement to increase the protocol number and changes the announced name from Xbmc,1 to AppleTV2,1. Those 2 changes are enough to make the detection as video target 100%.

It also implicitly forces fairplay on airtunes (so its not only the feature bits @jyavenard it seems the protocol version can override or "add" feature bits aswell). Also this change implicitly sets the featurebit for photo asset cache (meaning that the client will send asset cache messages). Thats why i had to add my asset cache implementation (i did it during ios7 already).

Of course if you switch on ios8 compatibility you loose airtunes streaming (because of the enforced fairplay encryption).

The code for the testversion is here:







I think in the end wie might end up to have this ios8 compatibility option which then might need to announce a complete seperated airtunes announcement (meaning you see "XBMC/Kodi" as target for video and audio and "XBMC/Kodi-Audio" as audio only target). Unfortunately i was not able to seperate those announcements yet as the client merges those based on something (to be figured out .- either mac addresss or ip or announced mac or what not).

@jyavenard do you have any more info about the commercial software like AirServer? Do you know if they do it the official way somehow? (signing contracts with apple)? Seems the only real goal would be to reverse engineer the keys out of their binaries somehow (i am not the on who is capable of doing this though).
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