[AirPlay][Warning] Don't update to iOS8 if you want AirPlay
(2014-10-06, 08:43)Memphiz Wrote: The code for the testversion is here:

pull request to mainline: 5410 (PR)
What's the best way for me to build your PR from source ?

Can I just fetch and build your entire ios8airplay branch, or is there other stuff in there ?

Or should I fetch master and cherry-pick the commits in the PR on top of it ? (Is there an automated way to cherry-pick/rebase an entire PR from the command line - sorry for the git newbie question)

I don't want to run your compiled build as the windows version replaces/upgrades my Gotham install... (unless there is a way to do a portable install with the windows installer that I didn't notice)

I prefer the flexibility of building it from source anyway in case I want to experiment with changes or run a debugger.

Quote:There are still the known missbehaviors:
1. Only first video from camera roll behaves correct - restart playback results in black screen on ios and non commands are sent to xbmc
This is probably going to be a work in progress for a while I think, unless someone can guess what the client is doing or expecting...
Quote:2. When streaming from youtube safari - each video is started paused (when changing videos one has to hit the play button on the client) - this is even true when not allowing the "/play" handler to start paused because ios sends a /rate 0 command directly after /play anyways which pauses the video instantly.
Are we sure this is a bug and not intended behaviour ?

I've just done some testing with reflector - in mirrored mode when I click on a youtube link in safari the video starts playing automatically as it switches itself from mirroring to full screen video, and I'm presuming an Apple TV does the same. (I've never used an Apple TV)

However with mirroring turned off reflector behaves exactly the same as xbmc - clicking a youtube link starts playback but immediately pauses it so you have to press play.

If I press home while its playing video playback terminates, however if I re-launch Safari the video immediately resumes playing with no other action.

Does an Apple TV behave differently when mirroring is turned off ?
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