Unable to set LG Remote map (CEC)
My bad, it's RaspBMC indeed running the latest version, kernel 3,11 (if i'm not mistaking) and the latest Gotham build (stable, no nightly) they released in uhmm june (?) I think.

I would post it there if it didn't take foreeeevvveeerrrr for someone to respond over there.

I think indeed the problem lies in what the CEC passes through, I think it's limited to just the few buttons I mentioned above since my TV seems to still react to all the other buttons.
I'm going to tail the process later on (didn't get to that yet, just hoped someone might know a general "quick fix") and just click every button on the remote 1 at a time but judging the fact that the Key Mapping addon does register arrow up as something like 168 while doing nothing when hammering on, say, the red button I have very little hope for it Sad.
I was kind of hoping to instantly get disproven about that which I already came up with Tongue.


This is the entire log pushing keys (roughly) in order 1-9, List, 0, Q.VIEW, Vol up, Vol dwn, FAV, RATIO, MUTE, Page up, Page dwn, GUIDE, HOME, Q.MENU, Up, Left, (I think i forgot OK which is Select), Right, Down, Back, INFO, Exit, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, TEXT, T.OPT, SUBTITLE, Stop, Play, Pauze, Fast backward, Fast forward, Simplink, AD.

That order should be correct (see remote pic for further detail), I had to push the back button a couple extra times if something popped up but this is the general order I tried.


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