Unable to set LG Remote map (CEC)
As far as I can see, while tailing, is that only the buttons that are currently mapped actually send a signal. I have no idea if you can overwrite it somehow or make the RPi demand a response through HDMI (which I highly doubt Tongue) but hey, you never know Smile.
Maybe someone with a similar problem will come along and have a valid solution.

As for STM, my overal experience is that, even with valid questions, you have to bump your thread for atleast a week, even if Sam himself answers your problems.
I've had responses like "yeah that should technically be possible" from Sam but 0 response for a few weeks on the "yeah, but how?" follow up question.
Most things I figured out myself at that point or found someone else that could help me on IRC or whatever Tongue.

RaspBMC is pretty solid though, no real remarks on it. Always have a few ofcourse but that's natural.
If I have to reinstall (RaspBMC was stock on my SD) I'm going with xbian though (which I will do after I buy a Jetstream 760, or 700, whatever), but then again, that's not for everyone, RaspBMC (and OpenELEC) is far more user friendly to those that don't now how to do everything in SSH.

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RE: Unable to set LG Remote map (CEC) - by ThaMadHatter - 2014-07-06, 14:03

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Unable to set LG Remote map (CEC)0
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