Watched status not syncing across clients
The SetPlayCount call is sending through a value of 0 (expected) and in the backend that should be setting the Watched status in WMC to False and the bookmark to 0:00:00. Then XBMC client should request recordings list again and the recording should come back with a playcount of 0. Do you see a "GetRecordings" request immediately after that SetPlayCount one? If you go into your config.xml and add GetRecordings to the "LogRequestFull" tag, eg

change <LogRequestFull /> to

Then restart ServerWMC or hit Reload Config on the Debug tab, then it will log the message replies for GetRecordings request and we can see what the value of PlayedCount being sent back on that recording item is

You could also check in WMC itself whether the recording is flagged "Watched" or not

Actually, looks like I didn't trigger the recording list refresh on XBMC after making the SetPlayCount() call. You'd think it would automatically refresh the recording list but it doesn't, we have to explicitly rtigger it. And it looks like I missed that part. Dang it. Im assuming if you close XBMC and open it again (or use another client) the watched status should be OK, it's just the client where you performed the action where it isn't being refreshed immediately?
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RE: Watched status not syncing across clients - by scarecrow420 - 2014-07-15, 00:58

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