New to this :)
Hello guys, how are ye all doing today ?
So I am new to this forum and XBMC.
It's a great site, I had a look around before signing up today.
I am an DM800HDPVR user, I had it for nearly a year or so speaking but as some might know the HD channels started disappearing, so I looked into alternatives just before the Football season starts.
I came across xbmc by watching YouTube videos and ads placed regularly on Ireland selling websites.
It really grabbed me, the idea of watching movies on demand in HD, the sport channels etc.
I ordered one yesterday and it should arrive sometime today or tomorrow.
But the trouble I came across is the fact that I am more interested in Sky UK Live TV, rather then demand, my mother and father watch indian/pak channels, that you would watch in sky or dreambox. but the thing I came here to ask is.
Is it possible to have a live Sky UK thing on the XBMC that allows you to watch and switch between channels as you wish. Because as much as demand is good, but I am more of the 'what is on right now kind of a person'
If anyone could guide me, much appreciated.
Good day

Basically what I am trying to say in short, is there any way of getting a live Sky UK TV Guide.
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