[Release] themoviedb.org TV scraper

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There is no place to change the language to my ideal language, if I set it to "zh", it downloads the Simplified Chinese(zh-CN) metadata, but I need the Traditional Chinese(zh-TW) metadata, the TMDB does have the zh-TW metadata, but I just can't download them.
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gillmacca Offline
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I have an unaired episode (never broadcast) on my server, but although it is listed on tmdb, it always selects the wrong one. Have even tried manual.
This is what I am trying to link to: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/41246-wonder-woman, but the only version it will let me add is: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/4331-wonder-woman

Kodi 17.3,NVIDIA Shield, QNAP
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ssarava9 Offline
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Can moviedb scraper included in all Addons, i have a addon for foreign films but there is no movie information on the same, how to add movie information ?
Please help
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speedycars Offline
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I would like to ask the authors of this addon to edit the Bulgarian translation. At this moment it shows the TV series with incorrect label for Episodes - it is showing "Епизд 1" instead of "Епизод 1". It misses the "o".

[Image: Capture.jpg]

EDIT: Thank you for fixing it! Smile
Keep up the good work!
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abelthorne Offline
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Using Kodi 17.1 (GIT 20170320) on Ubuntu 16.10 from the official PPA. The Moviedb plugin is v. 3.9.2.

For some reason, I am unable to add the movie Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick, 1999) to my library, Kodi just doesn't find it, even when entering it manually, even when inputing simply "eyes"; it doesn't list any movie with that name. I've just checked on themoviedb.org and it's in their database.

I'm pretty new to Kodi, so maybe there's a specific setting to tweak or maybe it's a bug. Any idea?

EDIT: looking into it more thoroughly, it seems to be an issue on themoviedb.org rather than in Kodi: when searching for the title on the website, it doesn't find it either (the same goes for "eyes wide" or "eyes"). I have to search for Kubrick, get on his page and the movie is listed there. I can then click on it to get the full infos but there seems to be no straightforward way.

EDIT: it might be due to the fact that it's listed as an adult film. Can't Kodi find movies in that case? Is there a setting somewhere?

EDIT: it's been fixed on themoviedb website. It isn't recognized by Kodi, though. Not sure if it takes a bit of time or if Kodi uses a local copy of the database and thus needs to be updated?
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