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Release -  Experimental Google Music Addon
This is a spin-off from the Vially's great addon in thread http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=134783

- An Android device registered in your Google account is mandatory
- Enable less secure apps in your Google account or enable 2-step verification and create an App-specific password.

The addon will be automatically updated when using this repository.

I'm accepting donations so I can maintain a subscription to Google Music and keep coding new features, thanks in advance!
Donations for this addon gratefully accepted.

New version:
plugin.audio.googlemusic.exp-1.11 .1 - 2017-02-13
- revert change in login with missing device id

Older versions:
plugin.audio.googlemusic.exp-1.11 - 2017-02-10
- added action 'Play all from here' for playlists
- added action 'Start radio' for playlists
- added search history
- updated gmusicapi library
- fix missing artist name when playing radio
- fix search navigation errors
- fix more character encoding errors

plugin.audio.googlemusic.exp-1.10.6 - 2016-10-27
- fix more character encoding errors

- improved search: now you can fetch more songs, artists or albums
- return stations in search
- improved 'play in youtube': better match when fetching and use video ids when provided by google
- added option 'play in yotube - shuffle'
- new 'Videos' auto playlist: all songs with video id provided by google
- updated gmusicapi library
- updated icon
- fixes for krypton

- fix error where free stations menu was not showing
- improve new version detection to reload library
- more favourites fixes

- add artist background in artists
- fix error when not a subscriber and free radio is not available (available only in us/canada?)

- support for free radio
- improve search results
- add artist background in albums
- cache artist background art for store songs
- fix error when favourites file does not exist

- fix loading album art in search
- fix 'Add to library', broken in latest code refactory

- remove unnecessary import from gmusicapi failing with openelec
- fix loading empty playlist
- update French translation, thanks mrotschi and neolao

- fix syntax error in android
- fix loading track with missing duration field

- added 'Create playlist', 'Delete playlist' and 'Delete station' to respectives context menus
- added 'Set rating', 'Artist top songs' and 'Related artists' to song context menu
- added distinct view modes in settings for songs, album, artists, playlists and stations
- show thumbnail for playlists and library stations
- fix for login without device id
- refactory some code

- fix playlists broken by latest modifications

- fix kodi library integration in Jarvis
- don't include playlist songs automatically in library
- add more song metadata when playing

- added option in settings to integrate kodi music library in the addon
- fetch artist art for All-Access/Unlimited content

- added option 'Add to queue' for albums and playlists
- added option 'Export' to playlists, exporting to a M3U file
- show your Genres library organized by albums
- fix problem with huge library failing to load on a Raspberry Pi

- translation to Polish by mruwek
- fix for error with Cyrillic letters in user name

- added option 'Add album to library' to All Access/Unlimited subscribers
- added 'Listen Now', 'Top Charts' and 'New Releases' to All Access/Unlimited subscribers
- added Youtube video quality in settings

- upgraded gmusicapi library to use OAuth authentication, 'less secure apps' not needed anymore
- fixed 'play in youtube' by upgrading to youtube v3 api
- fixed 'Free and purchased' playlist
- contrib: 'Shuffle Albums' by dvirtz
- contrib: support for sort by Album, Artist, Year and Date to album listings by rui-castro
- contrib: show albums for album_artist entries too by nfvs
- contrib: read disc number property so tracks sort properly by nfvs
- translation to Spanish by petemir
- translation to Portuguese by rui-castro
- translation to French by mrotschi
- translation to German by jgierer12
- changed default sort methods
- added library export to 'My Library' context menu
- added 'Start Radio' to context menu of every song
- show artist fanart or addon background in songs and folders
- don't store the password in plaintext
- fixes and code refactoring
- improved search results
- added options 'search in youtube' and 'play in youtube' to songs
- added option 'play all in youtube' to playlists, radios and library folders
- added option 'search' to library folders
- added option in settings to export after library update
- removed support for old webclient api (a registered mobile device is now required to stream uploaded songs)

Repporting ploblems in this thread:
Upload your Kodi log to pastebin and share the link, so I can check for errors
You can follow this page for log info Debug_log (wiki)

GitHub Repo, using develop branch:

Submitting bugs please use the github issue tracker:

- Error when trying to play song: too many registered devices, remove old ones https://play.google.com/music/listen#/settings
- Error when trying to play song: try installing the Google Music App in your mobile device and access with the same Google account

I'm accepting donations so I can maintain a subscription to an All Access account and keep coding new features, thanks in advance!
Donations for this addon gratefully accepted.
Thank you very much for this.
Antec Fusion - A6 5400k / Ati HD7540 - Kodi Isengard
ASRock Beebox n3150 - Kodi Jarvis
Oled 55E6V - Onkyo nr809 - B&W 5.1 - Harmony One
Without reading thru all of the old thread.. Does this version require the same dependencies listed in the first part of the other thread?
(2014-07-29, 05:22)Vidman Wrote: Without reading thru all of the old thread.. Does this version require the same dependencies listed in the first part of the other thread?

No, just the zip file posted.
Hi foreverguest, I asked this in Vially's thread buy he didn't mention it. Have you got any plans to update search to include All Access tracks? I assume this isn't a trivial addition but it would be really great to get to music from the whole catalogue.
[Image: all-banner.jpg]
+2 :-)
I could try to implement All Access search but I don't have an All Access account, so no way to test it.

If someone is willing to be a volunteer and do the heavy testing, please raise your hand.
I can do testing and probably even fix some simple bugs myself
I can do light testing :-) and if you havent tried it already, there is a 30 day free trial on All Access.
(2014-07-30, 00:02)StefanK Wrote: I can do light testing :-) and if you havent tried it already, there is a 30 day free trial on All Access.

Therefor Spotify is better imo , to bad there isn't a free account addon yet Wink
And if you own a Chromecast you get 3 months of free subscription now.
Since I have uploaded my own music to google play I would love to have the main menu music button go straight to the google music addon.
More specifically I would like to have a listing with all albums, sorted by artist (artist - album).

My wish prompts two questions:
1. For foreverguest: Can you make My Library show as Artist-Album?
2. For you all: Is changing of the target of a standard home menu button skin specific or xbmc general? Where do I find the code and how do I format the link to new target? If I add the library from google music to my favourites, I will be able to find the target formatting in favourites.xml.
@ 2) is skin specific. There are several skins out there that allow to customize the home menu though (like AeonNox, Eminence, and many more)
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