Release [Module] youtube-dl - multi-site playable URL resolver
at first two things, thx a lot for your great work and sorry for my bad english! Big Grin

In the main time your module works very well but sometimes (rarely) I got a problem when i try to download a stream. The content that i downloaded will not be saved(auto-deleted i think. In the download information window i can see that the downloads begins but after it`s finished i can`t find anything in the destination folder. The log says too that download finished (nothing about interrupting or anything else), if i understand this message in the right way).
The last 2 days i was looking for a solution but i didn`t find a unerring description to solve my problem. I try to learn so much i can, read guides etc about Linux and Kodi...but in this case i don`t know where i should to begin and if it possible that i fix this problem manually by myself.
I use Kodi 15.1 on a pi2 (with berryboot) and the youtube-dl version is 15.1223.0(the latest i think). When i try to download a specific stream from Youtube (i use the youtube addon from Bromix) i get an UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe4' in position 85: ordinal not in range(128)


Maybe you can give me a hint how i can fix it or where/what exactly the problem is? i haven`t any knowlege about the topic of encoding and for now i don`t know in which direction i have to search for a solution.
If i try to get more information over "View youtube-dl core info" in the advanced settings i get only the same Error message like serieofolio in post #86.


I can`t answer your question in post #87 because i can`t really remember how i installed it in the past. >.>

Additionally i have a further question. Is it possible to convert video files to audio-only files. On my laptop i use sometimes the youtube-dl to download scientific or political talks to hear it on my mp3 player for example. It would be very nice, if i don`t need to boot my laptop every time for this task because my pi is the whole time online anyway.

Once again sorry for my bad english Big Grin i hope you can understand this and if you need more informations, especially a complete kodi-log let me know.

Thanks and regards!

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