Release [Module] youtube-dl - multi-site playable URL resolver
(2017-11-26, 23:59)ruuk Wrote:
(2017-11-26, 02:48)marcoant Wrote:
(2017-11-26, 00:58)ruuk Wrote:
platform.python_version(), platform_name()))
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'python_version'

This is the actual error. It looks like some sort of problem with your install, because the platform module most definitely has python_version().      
 It's a fresh osmc install. I've made a and print platform.python_version() returns 2.7.9 with no errors. Don't you think the first error line would be the cause of the exception below? 

20:05:40.318 T:1323820016   ERROR: [debug] Encodings: locale UTF-8, fs UTF-8, out missing (instance), pref UTF-8
20:05:40.319 T:1323820016   ERROR: [debug] youtube-dl version 2017.07.09
20:05:40.420 T:1323820016   ERROR: Exception in thread Thread-1:  

Running python outside of OSMC vs inside of OSMC is not the same thing. I understand that you have a fresh OSMC install but this is the first time this error has been reported and this version is four months old, so it looks like something is wrong with the install because of the nature of the error, and the fact that you are the only one with this error. This could be an OSMC bug as well. Also, please note that this add-on is supported on Kodi, and while the media player in OSMC is based on Kodi, it is not Kodi.

It looks like you must have 'Enable youtube-dl verbose logging' enabled. The 'Encodings' and version info are part of debug output for youtube-dl and are informational (in other words, they are not actual errors), and should only be showing (as far as I know) when that is enabled. It also appears the code that is causing this error can only occur when this is enabled. Please make sure that it is not enabled. If you do need to disable it and afterwards have a different error, please share a log. I need the whole log so either use a paste service or, if you like, I can PM you an email address to send it to.  
 You were right about the error when enabling verbose logging. The script is working fine after disabling it!!! What I don't know is what was the error in the first place and how it was solved. I mean I enabled verbose logging because I couldn't get the script to work at first. I even reinstalled osmc again. Maybe the first osmc install had any problem and maybe the second install was ok but as I directly enabled verbose logging this time I couldn't get it to work too. 

Thanks very much!

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