Release [Module] youtube-dl - multi-site playable URL resolver
(2017-11-29, 07:56)ruuk Wrote:
(2017-11-28, 09:54)positronik Wrote: Hi, I am trying to build my own addon to play videos from rutube.
What I would like to do is to stream the video without downloading it.
The problem is that youtube-dl returns an unplayable link for rutube
videos and therefore also your module gives a wrong url to feed to kodi.
An example of video is the following:

If I feed it into youtube-dl it downloads it without problem, however if I use the -g option to get
the url it gives an unplayable url.

Therefore I guess that the best approach would be to use the download function
of your module and play the video while it is downloading.
However, I haven't managed to understand how to get the path of the downloaded file
and play it while it is downloading.

It's the first addon I am writing for kodi and I am not properly a developer therefore
I am sorry if this is a very noob question...
 The instructions for using this module are in the first post of this thread. Generally speaking, if you can give one of a site's URLs to youtube-dl and it downloads, you can use the instructions in the first post with the same URLs and it should work just fine. You shouldn't need to worry about command line options. This module gives back URL strings that are ready to pass to Kodi for streaming, meaning the User-Agent is already added which is often important to make a stream actually accessible.  
Thanks for your answer, unfortunately the links that the module provides for rutube are not playable and the player returns 'Failed to recognize file format'.
This problem arises from the fact that youtube-dl provide the wrong link to be played.
However both your addon and youtube-dl download it correctly if I use the download function.
You can see it by yourself with the link in my previous post.

EDIT: I think I have found a solution. Basically your module return the url of the best quality that happens to be a f4m file for rutube's videos and Kodi can't play it. The next-to-best video quality is an m3u file and Kodi can play it. It would be awesome if you would add the format selection in your module, in the meantime I am using a custom function written by myself. If you want I can share it with you.

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